Develop and deploy applications faster with container engine technology

Get ready for immediate application development on the flexible cloud environment, including IT resources,
SW installations and environment settings. The Kubernetes container engine supports reliable and easy development/operation of applications.


What can SDS Hybrid Cloud Platform do for you and your business?

  • Fast infrastructure development

    Instantly build your infrastructure for application development and operation instead of taking the existing environment setting time of 1-2 weeks.

  • Simple all-in-one service

    Enjoy development and operation environments that enable efficient operation of the entire develop-build-deploy process based on various automation engines and server resources.

  • Efficient resource management and cost optimization

    Enhance development reliability and operational support as well as reduce costs compared to VM by utilizing container-based SDS PaaS service.

  • Customized managed service

    Select optimized managed service backed by the abundant experience and knowledge of the dedicated SDS specialists ranging from application-to-container migration to open source SW usage.


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  • Open source database

    EPAS with high compatibility with commercial RDBMS, community version PostgreSQL, MySQL and more open source databases ensure security on Samsung SDS Cloud environments.

  • DevOps tools to support collaboration between S/W development and operation

    Development environments are provided with various open source-based tools. Experience enhanced development productivity with build/deploy pipelines and development starters.

  • Kubernetes container engine technology

    Take advantage of highly scalable and flexible Kubernetes-based platform service. Moving the development process onto the Samsung SDS platform will support efficient management of deploying and scaling containerized applications.

  • Cloud-Native Middleware Service

    Develop cloud-native applications based on various middleware services adapted to flexible environments of dynamic resource allocation and removal in cloud computing environments.


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    Samsung SDS Cloud Database service have a stronger security system based on its knowhow in order to block an unauthorized access completely from outside. Moreover, dual set-up of database ensures business continuity, even in the case of defect.


    Web/WAS service supports a development/operation environment with a stronger stability and convenience based on abundant field experiences. The all-in-one type with Compute products is a variety of middleware services for cloud-native environments that ensures development efficiency and operation reliability.

    DevOps Tools

    A variety of DevOps tools support the integration/collaboration to develop and operate S/W, and automate build, test, distribution process. Improve productivity and enhance code’s quality as a whole by managing source history and validating code automatically.

    Kubernetes Service

    Samsung SDS develops and provides its own platform service developed with the Kubernetes container engine. The unique platform leads CNCF Kubernetes cloud technology based on the experience in hands-on operation of thousands of container applications.

    Extended Service

    Serves you better by aligning with cloud service. Cloud service enables you to use big data coming every second, minute, year, more effectively. When choosing Samsung SDS Cloud Compute products, together with specialized operation services, business applications can be distributed immediately without infrastructure installation and manual server settings.


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