Experience a flexible service for your business at optimized costs

Choose an optimized cloud service and focus on your business strategy. Automated process of resource application, use and termination, cloud services relieves you from operation work. Enjoy a full set of cloud services from professional consulting to smart operation to migrate into multi-cloud.


What can SDS Cloud do for you and your business?

  • Offer 4 different operation levels

    Choose the right service level among 4 types of operation (Gold, Silver, Bronze+, Bronze), specified for your business and importance. Simply choose an operation service for your business needs.

  • Operate stable cloud infrastructure with high availability

    Build a seamless cloud infrastructure with high availability. Focus more on your business with a stable and secured cloud.

  • Optimize cloud operation costs

    Adopt 'pay-as-you-go' billing system according to your business purpose and optimize your cost.

  • Fully integrated services from migration to operation

    Use a full suite of services from migration to operation to adopt multi-cloud. Upon request, consulting, migration and operation can be selectively provided.

  • “Samsung SDS has significantly improved our technical capability, launching new functions timely, and supporting to extend our infrastructure in a flexible way.”

    - Ian Mckerlich, CEO, US Transporter -


Unleash the possibilities of SDS Cloud

Customize and migrate to optimized cloud
Customize and migrate to optimized cloud Get the most benefits from cloud-based infra services and position better by responding to an ever-changing/growing business environment more quickly. Moreover, eventually reduces operational costs.
Be more agile with increased development productivity
Be more agile with increased development productivity With Cloud-native computing, migrate into public could with a minimum change and keep business continuity.


Take a closer Look

  • Differentiated level of supports

    Depending on system importance, customers choose the availability of cloud system, OS, DMS from 99.95% to 99.99%.

  • Highly advanced operation service with innovative technology adoption

    Stable and differentiated services are available based on best practice driven by abundant experience in many projects and tasks.

  • More than 150 services

    More than 150 services are available on cloud in compute, storage, backup and etc.

  • Simple admin functions

    Simply handle each process on cloud management platform: new resource application, resource use, usage forecast/analysis, actual usage/billing.

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    SDS Cloud Services

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    Apply for cloud resources based on your requirements and use them in a flexible way. Don’t buy and install hardware separately, but just create resources on cloud and pay as much as you use. Enjoy our efficient cloud service.


    Experience a full suite of storage: block storage with higher stability, file storage suitable for sharing contents and media data, object storage which manages unstructured data on a web-based, and customized storage for business requirements. Use a high-performing storage in the form of cloud service, by choosing high-performing Solid State Disk (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD), a useful medium to store big data.


    Samsung SDS cloud data center connects user’s on-premise to provide private and networked services. Customers see their network costs reduced, processing bandwidth extended, and networks more secured and faster.


    SDS Cloud responds security threats effectively by 24/7 real-time secirotu monitoring and control system. Protect data from any possible threats and keep service consistency.


    Samsung SDS Cloud Database service have a stronger security system based on its knowhow in order to block an unauthorized access completely from outside. Moreover, dual set-up of database ensures business continuity, even in the case of defect.


    Web/WAS service supports a development/operation environment with a stronger stability and convenience based on abundant field experiences. Upon using all-in-one type with Compute products, HW and SW are automatically composed to fit for Middleware required for launching new services.

    DevOps Tools

    A variety of DevOps tools support the integration/collaboration to develop and operate S/W, and automate build, test, distribution process. Improve productivity and enhance code’s quality as a whole by managing source history and validating code automatically.

    SDS Cloud Services

    Find out more about our offerings

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