Empower your business with Smart ERP

Do you need a new ERP platform to stay ahead of global competition for company’s growth engine? Samsung SDS empowers your business with global processes and systems inspired by Smart ERP platform, the essence of Samsung SDS’s capabilities, without trial and error.

  • 25+years of experience and knowhow
  • 50+More than 50 countries
    ERP deployment/operation
  • 1300ERP experts
  • Top11SAP Platinum Partners


Business Innovation realized by Samsung SDS ERP Service

  • Empower your competitiveness

    Optimize processes and systems across the enterprise. Empower your competitiveness with a sustainable improvement of quality and price saving.

  • Timely response to market

    Get you work done faster by sharing data in real time. Make a data-driven decision more efficiently.

  • Be more flexible, prepared for a better future

    Be more flexible and quick to adapt to change such as M&A, business expansion, by standardizing master data, optimizing processes and integrating systems.

  • Improve the way you work with IT innovation

    Enhance work efficiency and productivity with user-friendly UX and a more coverage of mobile business. ERP services on cloud reduce the burden on operating and managing applications/infrastructures, directing more focus on key business.


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  • Extensive experience and knowhow

    Samsung SDS has successfully built many use cases in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing/chemicals/service/finance/others, since it deployed SAP for the first time in Korea in 1994. Particularly, Samsung SDS has outstanding capability and unrivalled knowhow in GSI (Global Single Instance) deployment for global enterprises. It holds the capability to apply each country’s regulations and tax laws to systems immediately, supported by its ERP deployment and operation experience in more than 50 countries globally.

  • Innovative methodology on Smart ERP

    Smart ERP is the essence of Samsung SDS’s experience and knowhow over the 25 years. The platform and intellectual property supports an outstanding ERP consulting/deployment. Smart ERP provides a process with global leaders’ best practice equipped, minimize trials and errors in a short period of time to build systems customized for clients.

  • Korea’s Top ERP expert groups

    More than 1,300 ERP experts are working for Samsung SDS, the largest number of ERP professionals in Korea. Among them, about 30 % are those with more than 12 years of experience and about 40% have the latest technology certificates such as S/4HANA, Fiori and etc.

  • A better service strategically collaborated with SAP

    Samsung SDS is strategically working with SAP as a platinum partner, the one of Top 11 SAP customers and partners from the total of 370,000 customers. It is the first to share and discuss SAP’s vision and direction. Samsung SDS’s experience and knowhow lay the foundation for SAP to develop their solutions. Also, a direct channel between executives enables to resolve major issues and leads to projects’ success.

  • ERP end-to-end services from consulting, deployment to operation

    A rich set of services from ERP-based consulting, deployment, operation are available, covering from a mid-to-long term strategy (ISP) to process innovation (PI). That enables enterprises to be consistent with their IT strategy, process, systems and services. Particular, HEC service is supported on cloud via ERP. HEC integrates and supports all services from migration to cloud-application operation- infrastructure operation.

  • The ERP tech leader

    Samsung SDS is the first to review and adopt SAP’s latest technology and solutions such as S/4HANA, Fiori with many success cases. Also, Smart ERP proposes a Best-of-Breed that includes Cloud-typed solutions such as Ariba (ERP’s expanded purchasing), Concur (ERP’s expended finance), and the solution formation tailored to customers. Smart ERP combines Blockchain, Machine Learning and other technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with ERP, to bring customers a new value of Digital Transformation.

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    Smart ERP enables electronics and manufacturing industries to manage demand timely for market change, act on planned for Single Plan operation, and standardize for operational rules and purchasing process.
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    Smart ERP enhances the efficiency of supply aligned with planning-execution, unify criteria between HQ and corporations to streamline global business infrastructure.
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    Build a standardized model to manage process value chain and projects specified for each industry.
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    Set a weekly demand and supply plan. Apply a system of profitability analytics among customers-products-logistics-channels.