A scalable Blockchain platform for any business network

Blockchain is an innovative technology that keeps track of every transaction within a business network for full end-to-end transparency. Chains of data blocks are shared with participants throughout the network, guaranteeing data integrity without third party verification. Our Blockchain technology is not limited to only fulfilling financial tasks, but can also be used for various business tasks such as authentication or B2B transactions. Businesses can also utilize the synergy from Blockchain, advanced AI and IoT connectivity to acquire new business opportunities.


Stay on top of every transaction

Data recorded on Blockchain are impossible to alter or delete. These immutable ledgers are opened to participants within a permissioned network for full visibility and allow for a transparent data management system.

High speed

Speed through open sourced ledgers with less risk

Blockchain manages and protects data within trusted networks of collaborators using a foolproof encryption algorithm. Unlike conventional platforms that rely on arbiter verification, Samsung SDS Blockchain assures speedy data integration and management without third party involvement.


Maintain immutable transaction logs

Minimize risk of data tampering with implementing Blockchain. Newly created blocks on the Blockchain contain histories of all previous transaction histories and are then shared in real time in chronological order among authorized participants for increased security and accountability. Instant sharing among ledger holders and matching of all previous transactions makes Blockchain tampering nearly impossible.


Prevent data manipulation with a secure network

Safeguard data integrity with our Blockchain platform, delivering identical transactional data to every authorized organization in the network. If a system error results in data loss, the same information can be transferred among participants for full data recovery.

"We have 7 patent applications for blockchain that includes Digital Identity and Digital Payment and proved its effectiveness by applying to Samsung Card."

- VP Kwang-woo Song, Samsung SDS DLT Business Group

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