Maximize continuity with minimized touch points, this is excellence in SCM

As the global business environment becomes ever more complex and the distinction between logistics and IT is blurred, an IT-driven SCM innovation and effective logistics management redefine the competitiveness of enterprise. Innovate supply chain management by adopting logistics management service and online logistics platform. Experience the power of experts group in logistics operations.

Logistics Cost Optimization

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy competitive rates that are achieved by regular tender for global top 10 volumes. Reduce logistics cost by analyzing current logistics operation and optimizing routes & networks.

Real-time Monitoring

Greater Visibility on Shipping Status and Costs

With real-time data collected from EDI connection with LSPs, AIS on vessels and GPS on trucks, monitor shipping status around the world and respond promptly to abnormal and emergency situations to ensure a smooth operation of your logistics. Enjoy a faster and more accurate logistics cost settlement by adopting automated billing and settlement system.

Enhanced Quality

Efficient Supply Chain & Strong Logistics Operation

From demand forecast to last mile delivery, create a virtuous cycle and make your supply chain more efficient. Improve your operation quality by learning latest logistics trends, technologies and customer success stories.

  • "Samsung SDS is a notable new entrant to this year’s Brand Finance IT Services 15 2019 ranking of the world’s most valuable IT Services brands."

    - David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance, Learn More -
    Brand Finance IT Services 15 2019
  • "Digital transformation is expected to create whole new profit models and processes by shifting logistics operations from offline to online and providing digitized logistics services to shippers."

    - Professor Sang-hwa Song, Incheon National University -
    Digital Transformation Strategies in Logistics - Cases & Insights
  • "This white paper explains what optimization solutions Samsung SDS has to help you develop optimal delivery plans and what synergies you can get from integrated optimization solutions."

    - Senior Consultant Min-goo Kang, Samsung SDS -
    Plan Your Deliveries with Route & Loading Optimizers
  • "With its optimization engine, Cello WNO(Warehouse Network Optimizer) suggests a solution to your logistics needs, including the size and number of your warehouses."

    - Professional Han-sung Lee, Senior Consultant Min-goo Kang, Samsung SDS -
    How Cello WNO Can Help Optimize Your Logistics Network
  • "This white paper covers what major factors affect freight rates and if a system-based rate forecasting is feasible."

    - Principle Consultant Hyun-joo Lee, Consultant Sang-chae Park, Samsung SDS -
    An Analysis of Major Factors That Influence Freight Rates
  • "This white paper takes a look at different smart warehousing cases and how smart warehousing is expected to drive changes."

    - Senior Professional Up Kim, Senior Professional Ki-cheol Kim, Samsung SDS -
    Smart Warehousing Today and Tomorrow
  • "Convenience retail logistics is 'the essence of retail'. Now, what future Samsung SDS will bring to convenience stores with its smart logistics services remains to be seen."

    - Senior Consultant Deok-Kyung Kim, Samsung SDS -
    How Convenience Retail Logistics Works – Case and Strategy
  • "The Global Control Center (GCC) of Samsung SDS is its risk management infrastructure to monitor shipping status around the world and quickly respond to unexpected events. GCC is the key part of its global logistics operation."

    - Senior Professional Up Kim, Senior Professional Ki-cheol Kim, Samsung SDS -
    Global Control Center Plays a Key Role in Logistics Risk Management
  • "What is IMO 2020, the most drastic environment regulation in the shipping history, how the ocean shipping and other related industries have reacted, and what options they can adopt?"

    - Senior Professional Up Kim, Senior Professional Ki-cheol Kim, Samsung SDS -
    IMO 2020 : What Challenges Does It Present to Us?
  • "Samsung SDS has started its project of finding ways to reduce repetitive manual tasks in logistics with its own IPA solution Brity Works."

    - Principal Consultant Ju-ho Lee, Senior Professional Kyoung-jin Lee, Senior Professional Ji-na Park, Samsung SDS -
    Your Solution to Logistics Process Automation, Brity Works
  • "Samsung SDS provides distinctive values in night deliveries by incorporating its own integrated logistics platform Cello as well as its visibility, security and IoT technologies."

    - Professional Joung-kyu Hong, Samsung SDS -
    Smart Key Unlocks the Future of Delivery Service, Untact Delivery of Samsung SDS
  • "Cello can not only increase real-time visibility but also enable accurate demand forecasting to improve operation efficiency of supply chain and logistics."

    - Journalist Alan M. Field, IHS Markit and -


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  • Cello BPO, Total Logistics Service

    Cello BPO, Total Logistics Service

    Benefit from well-established global logistics network on a single platform. From customized consulting to logistics process optimization and operations, end-to-end services covers the entire process.

  • Global Control Center, Risk Management Service

    Manage Risk
    with Global Control Center

    Promptly respond to abnormal events and ensure reliable logistics services. Take advantage of stable infrastructure, assigned contact team and Cello Risk Management.

  • Smart Warehousing

    Smart Warehousing

    Maximize the efficiency of pallets/containers.
    Optimize business competitiveness with layout & operation simulation of Cello warehouse management system.

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    Extensive Logistics network and global top cargo volume
    Integrated logistics platform
    Monitoring 24 7 24 7 We provide stable logistics service through global logistics monitoring system.
    Innovative logitics services The Logistics Business Division provides innovative logistics services throughout the supply chain based on the global logistics operation know-how and advanced IT technology-based platform and global logistics network.
    Supply chain & planning Supply Chain Planning and Logistics Exection link your supply chain efficiency from demand forecasting to consumer shipment.
    Freight Forwarding We provide stable global logistics execution services through strategic cooperation with global logistics companies such as airlines, shipping companies and forward.
    Distributeion Center Operation Based on logistics operation know-how and specialized platform, we systemize and standardize various tasks and processes in logistics center to provide efficient operation service
    Inland Transport/LMD We provide efficient and reliable transportation services based on systematic transportation planning for all transportation processes.
    Project Logistics We provide special logistics service that transports freight with irregular / irregular characteristics of various characteristics in a stable mode by using suitable transportation mode according to delivery schedule.

    “Samsung SDS is a notable new entrant to this year’s Brand Finance IT Services 15 2019 ranking of the world’s most valuable IT Services brands. The IT arm of Samsung group is to be commended for its innovative work on developing cloud-based AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies for usage across the manufacturing, logistics, public sector, finance, retail, and healthcare sectors, as well as enhancing customers’ digital core capabilities. Having made its debut in our league table this year, we are tipping Samsung SDS as the brand to watch in years ahead, both domestically and on a global scale.”

    David Haigh

    CEO,Brand Finance