Improve business efficiency with Brity Works, the enterprise AI chatbot for intelligent automation.

Brity Works is an AI chatbot for Workplace Digitalization. Brity Works do a simple, repeating, non-productive work after understanding human order. That allows employees to focus more on creativity-required key business.


What can Brity Works do for you?

  • More Efficiency, Less Time and Cost

    AI, a lower-priced digital labor, automatically works for a simple and repeating work. Employees focus more on creativity-required, significant and high value-added business.

  • Easier, Faster, No Learning Required

    It is easier to automate business based on GUI without additional coding. Users can work through conversation in natural language without learning systems.

  • Higher quality of deliverables

    Prevent any possible errors that could occur during manual work from the beginning. Improve work transparency by conducting business centered on execution logs.

  • A Better customer experience

    Interact with customers 24/7 without downtime by adopting Brity Works to customer-handling service. Give your customers a better and impressive experience.

  • "Samsung SDS has started its project of finding ways to reduce repetitive manual tasks in logistics with its own IPA solution Brity Works."

    - Principal Consultant Ju-ho Lee, Senior Professional Kyoung-jin Lee, Senior Professional Ji-na Park, Samsung SDS -
    Your Solution to Logistics Process Automation, Brity Works

See how conversational AI transforms the workplace

Brity Works automates tasks through natural language processing. Discover how our AI solution works in the real world.


Take a closer Look

  • Conversational E2E Process

    Simply order in natural language, Brity works do exactly what you want to do. When you need user’s approval, the Chabot enables users to join to complete processes without disruption.

  • Easier, Faster Automation

    GUI-based automation tool enables process design and development without development knowledge. That reduces time and cost needed for deployment.

  • AI-based efficient dialog modeling

    Design your conversation faster and effectively by preprocessing large data from many sources such as product instructions, terms and conditions, Q&A logs. Moreover, update and manage your conversation models effectively driven by continuous learning.

  • Intelligent conversation context management

    Understands the context of a conversation well enough to process a request on another topic and come back to the original one.

  • Create conversation models faster

    Administrators can save time on manually entering conversation scenarios, domain keywords, and conversation intentions. Using strong AI learning functionalities, Brity Works can automatically create conversation models and detect new keywords, reducing the time it takes to construct a conversation model.

  • Optimized voice bot query/answer

    Since it’s not possible to read through all the lists and select an answer with voice support, additional questions are asked in order to gauge the satisfaction of responses from the conversation. The most optimized response is then presented to the user.


  • Dialogue scenario design
    [Dialogue designer]
    - GUI-based design supports a simple deployment of conversation scenarios without coding. Simply design an intuitive and easy conversation such as drawing flowcharts on canvas. Use 6 conversation cards to configure various scenarios. Also, build a design environment to test designed scenarios at the same time.

    [Conversational learning and management]
    - Brity works supports the function to carry out an integrated management of conversation history and error details for a certain period. Also, Brity works can relearn sentences in error.
  • Work process design
    [Work Process Designer]
    - It is a process to copy user’s works and motions and to write scripts. Design work process without coding and development. Also, design complex work processes simply by using many kinds of actions in library.

    [Process Manager]
    - Scheduler function assigns an automated process to enable a simple management of work process. You can select and assign tasks to a specific robot group according to priority, work group, process attributes.
  • Workflow management
    [Admin Portal]
    - Admin Portal supports resource management, system monitoring, reporting for a stable operation/management.

    [Integration/management of conversation and automation]
    - Workflow manager automates and manages total workflows ranging from business event such as web, e-mail receipt, approval notice, messenger, timer, conversation calling, up to an individual task in order to implement E2E work process.


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    Chatbot do a complex work, You do a simple order If managers request information in natural language, Brity Works searches data and creates a data-based report. Finally, when the work is done, managers get reported on results via messenger. B2B, AI, Chatbot, RPA
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    A simple search amid extensive industry expertise In an industry requiring a wide range expertise such as insurance planning, an advanced search using natural language and up-to-date expertise results in accurate information. That makes customer handling experience successful. B2B, AI, Chatbot, RPA
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    Engage better your customers anytime anywhere Automate customer-handling services such as service center, 1:1 channel marketing. Engage your customers in real time whenever and wherever you are. B2B, AI, Chatbot, RPA
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    Automate routine works Manage human resources effectively by automating many types of routines such as legacy repeating tasks, performance reporting, various data collection constantly required for a specific period. B2B, AI, Chatbot, RPA