Experience our innovative bio-processor applied ECG monitoring solution.

S-patch Cardio is a real-time ECG monitoring solution using a wearable ECG device that can be attached to your chest. This provides a comfortable ECG test for patients and fast and accurate diagnosis support for medical staff.

What’s unique about S-patch Cardio?

S-patch Cardio solution’s value lies in its patient convenience, operational efficiency, and efficient ECG analysis with smart cardiovascular disease management anytime, anywhere.

  • Lightweight & Easy-to-use

    Lightweight & Easy-to-use

    The wearable device S-Patch is ultra-light (11g) and can be worn comfortably in a variety of different situations.

  • Convenient data management

    Convenient data management

    Data is automatically transferred to the cloud, reducing patient visits to the hospital.

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    Comprehensive Analysis

    Time-stamped symptom and activity logs can be viewed on the cloud portal with ECG data, improving the efficiency and accuracy of data interpretation.

  • "With S-patch Cardio, we were able to collect high quality electrocardiogram data and diagnose the patient's heart condition more accurately and quickly"

    - Dr. Rob Adam, UHS cardiologist -
  • "The pilot was able to confirm the efficiency and accuracy of the S-Patch-based Cardio. Cardio will be offered as a new treatment model for cardiovascular patients in the future."

    - Nathan Schlesinger, PwC Healthcare leader -

See how others are taking advantage of the convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of Cardio solution.

Learn about Cardio, which monitors heart disease with the ultra-light S-Patch.

Medanta the Medicity with S-Patch Cardio

Medanta the Medicity is a world-class medical institute in India specializing in heart disease and was seeking ways to provide consistent, quality patient care.


Take a closer Look

  • Next Generation wearable device (S-Patch)

    Ultra-light (11g) wearable device with 100 hours of continuous monitoring on a single coin battery. Increases arrhythmia detection by performing long-term examinations allowing patients to continue with their normal daily lives.

  • Mobile/Gear Apps

    Transfer data easily via Bluetooth and enjoy an intuitive UX/UI that allows symptoms and activities to be easily recorded. Patients can enter symptoms with one click and register activities with detailed inputs. The diary menu allows for tracking symptom history during the test. Data can be automatically sent to the cloud portal immediately after the test has been completed.

  • Cloud-based ECG web portal

    AI analysis-based cloud portal and dashboard allows faster arrhythmia detection. Patient-triggered data combined with AI analytics helps to provide comprehensive analysis results and new insights for clinicians.

  • AI-based ECG Analysis report

    Clinical reports are generated through AI algorithms and provide meaningful results analysis for clinicians.


  • Optimized Mobile Device
    ᆞ Galaxy J1, J5, J7
    ᆞ Galaxy S4, S6, S7, S8, S9
    ᆞ Galaxy Note 8
    ᆞ Galaxy A5
  • Operating system
    Android 4.4 Kit Kat
  • Web browser
    Chrome 54


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    Lightweight wearable ECG devices allow this low cost, easy to adopt solution to be applied to outpatient arrhythmia diagnosis. This solution’s convenience even allows small primary doctor offices to perform ECG tests without sending patients to large hospitals.
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    Provides a personalized care plan for elderly patients at risk of cardiovascular disease as well as prevention though continuous testing and monitoring. Furthermore, remote monitoring capability is provided for patients who have been discharged from the hospital.
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    Providing real-time heart monitoring for high-risk, dispatched personnel allows for early detection of irregular cardiovascular conditions. Thanks to real-time monitoring, officials can also respond swiftly to any problems for field personnel -Firefighters / Police -Military personnel / Pilots