Drive your supply chain faster from end-to-end

Power your supply chain to move faster and deliver on time. Control and optimize every part of the process with powerful tools that help you plan, detect delays, avoid extra costs, and access the best routes and rates in real-time.


How can CelloSCLIS accelerate your operations?

  • Maximize global logistics visibility

    Stay informed with our Global Control Center. Get immediate alerts of disasters, accidents, weather changes, and other unexpected delays. Easily manage logistics and risk with our advanced global monitoring technology.

  • Synchronize supply chain planning with logistics

    Plan and navigate globally. Empower your team to reliably predict market demand, inventory, and operational needs on a single platform.

  • Reduce logistics costs

    Eliminate unnecessary costs by ensuring efficient operations with the best logistics service provider (LSP) available.

  • Manage from a single dashboard

    Analyze and report your logistics data through the Cello SCLIS platform.

  • "Excess inventory and logistics costs issues are resolved, since demand forcastings became more accurate and precise."

    - Antonio Marques, Product Manager, Samsung Electronics Austria GmbH -
  • "Cello can not only increase real-time visibility but also enable accurate demand forecasting to improve operation efficiency of supply chain and logistics."

    - Journalist Alan M. Field, IHS Markit and -

See how CelloSCLIS works in the real world

Streamline your operations quickly and easily with the premium logistics service CelloSCLIS.

Optimize your container loading with smart warehousing

After measuring the size and weight of each box, CelloSCLIS creates multiple scenarios for pallet & container and then evaluates each scenario. Increase load efficiency and stability of your pallets & containers with excellent CelloSCLIS.


Take a closer Look

  • Comprehensive Monitoring

    Analytics Suite

    Know what is happening in your supply chain and logistics operations.

    Collect, analyze, and report your data accurately.

    Work Management Suite

    Accelerate your logistics process with disciplined workflow management and risk monitoring.

  • Global Supply Chain & Logistics Planning

    Intelligence Suite

    Flag inefficient inventory allocation, and find alternative strategies to eliminate unnecessary costs.

    Planning Suite

    Make decisions that affect your global supply chain with reliable market demand forecasts.

  • Customized Logistics Operations

    Sourcing Suite

    Evaluate and select the best logistics service providers that meet your needs.

    Warehouse Suite

    Keep warehouse operations at optimal levels with enhanced virtualization technology.

    Transportation Suite

    Make sure to use the best route plans available.

    Global Trade Suite

    Expedite international shipments conveniently on one integrated platform.

  • Integrated Platform

    Common Suite

    Manage synchronized logistics data across your Cello SCLIS suites.


  • Operation Systems
    Unix / Linux / Windows
  • Web Server
    WebtoB / Apache / Oracle / IIS
  • Web Application Server
    JEUS / WebLogic / Apache Tomcat / Apache Active MQ
  • Application Framework
    Anyframe Ent., Spring, myBatis
  • Database
    Oracle, DB2


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Cello delivers transparency into your contract negotiations by competitive bidding of multiple LSPs. Reduce logistics cost through the open bidding system.
Are you struggling with costly Airfreight? With Cello alternative routes and multi-modal transportation options are suggested. Route analysis will also help reduce costs.
Cello will improve the settlement process through automatic document verification. Confirms logistics costs and processes invoice settlement timely.
Cello can provide logistics service stability with increased visibility. Customers can prepare contingency plans in case of shipping delays due to major port congestion caused by labor strikes.