Achieve higher security for your family, conserve energy, and support your everyday lifestyle

Create your own smart home environment to make sure your family is safe and energy is used wisely. Our analytics solution learns your family’s routines, giving you the ability to customize all your devices and control energy costs. Make your home work for you, with the combined power of IoT and big data analytics.


How can Samsung Smart Home simplify your life?

  • Keep your family safe

    Protect family members against home intrusions, and quickly respond to emergency situations so your family and valued possessions are secured.

  • Increase your home’s convenience and comfort

    Open doors for visitors from your smartphone when no one is home, and control home settings remotely.

  • Reduce utility costs

    Turn off lights, home appliances, and power outlets from your smartphone, and receive energy overuse notifications to conserve energy

  • Secure and convenient access management

    Protect your data and identity using fingerprint security on your smart phone. Biometric data security reduces significantly the risk of password loss, exposure and hacking.

See how Samsung Smart Home works in the real world

Top-Tier Home Security with Reliable Energy Management.


Take a closer Look

  • Data Analytics

    Improve your family’s routine for energy saving and safety with IoT devices.

  • Mobile Video Connection

    Whenever and wherever, it is able to respond visitors in front of door with smartphone application

  • Real-time notifications

    Detects energy overuse, defective devices, health related emergencies, and home intrusions with prompt mobile notifications.

  • Apartment community services

    Authorizes tenants to securely restrict entry, accept packages, register vehicles, access apartment announcements and submit repair requests from smartphones with greater ease.


  • Technical Support
    - Double Encryption Data Security Support
    - Compatible with iOS and Android Phones
    - Korean, English, Chinese Language Support
  • Mobile Services for Apartment Complexes
    - Visitor Vehicle Registration
    - Registered Vehicle/Courier Package Arrival Alerts
    - Apartment Building Announcements
    - Facility Repair Request System
  • Utilities Management/Convenience
    - Remote Home Lighting, Door Lock, Power Outlet, and Samsung Electronics Appliance Control
    - Energy Usage Monitoring and Alerts
    - Remote Video Phone Calls with Visitors
  • Home Safety
    - Home Intrusion Emergency Alerts
    - Complete Home Monitoring Settings with Remote Access
    - Unusual Entry and Non-Activity Alerts
    - Fingerprint/Face Recognition Door Unlock
    - Unregistered Visitor Entry Alert


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    See how Samsung Smart Home works in the real world


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Receive mobile notifications when family members arrive home and be notified when there is no activity detected for long periods of time.
Protect your house from intruders or emergency situations with real-time monitoring sensors. See exactly who or what the problem is.
See and speak with visitors at your front door from anywhere through smartphones and video doorbells. Watch recorded footage of visitors who rang the bell anytime.
Reduce utility costs with mobile monitoring notifications and remote control of household devices.
Receive mobile notifications before your household’s total electricity consumption reaches the amount to which a higher power demand rate is applied.