The Samsung Manufacturing Advantage

Samsung has been at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing technologies for decades. Lean on our 30 years of experience to optimize your entire manufacturing process to cut development lead times, boost productivity, and improve product quality standards. Give your manufacturing facility the agility it needs to quickly respond to production changes and minimize loss from upgrades and retooling.


How does Nexplant MES enhance productivity?

  • Customize your manufacturing for higher efficiency

    Get a complete analysis of your manufacturing process, evaluating the production environment using industry standards from the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association.

  • Put our industry-proven experience to work

    Keep your facilities running non-stop at just 10ppm. Our expertise is proven in the world’s leading semiconductor foundries and display factories. Upgrade your systems with hot swap without downtime.

  • Boost quality with advanced analytics

    Utilize data from real-time monitoring to manage your equipment. Resolve quality issues quickly, achieve better results with high performance parallel processing.

  • "Samsung Nexplant is considered an important future tool for the smart factory strategy in defining the next-generation paradigm."

    - IDG Tech Dossier 2018, -

Flexibility—respond to market changes quickly with full automation

Let your manufacturing equipment do the work for you. Create your own fully optimized manufacturing process with Nexplant MES to gain the flexibility you need to minimize production time and maximize product quality.


Take a closer Look

  • Schedule & dispatch system

    Creates an optimized production schedule for work orders and dispatches to select equipment in real time and achieve the highest level of productivity.

  • Manufacturing operation

    Manages resources and processes to meet production standards, while tracking and tracing products to oversee performance and productivity of each production line.

  • Equipment engineering

    Collects and processes data from the manufacturing process to enhance product yield and equipment efficiency.

  • Machine control

    Automatically collects and standardizes equipment data, automating the production facility with remote equipment control.

  • Materials control

    Creates the optimal route for materials to minimize movement time on carriers in fully automated manufacturing facilities.


  • Operating System
    IBM, SUN, HP, Linux, Windows (Java 1.6, .NET 4.0)
  • Database
    Oracle, SQL-Server, DB2, MySQL
  • Middleware
    TIB Rendezvous, Highway 101, various language support


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    IDG Report - Intelligent Factory Platforms are the Driving Force of Industry 4.0



    Nexplant MES at a glance



    Optimize your entire manufacturing process



Find out more about our offerings

Nexplant Analytics

Uncover the real root causes of chronic equipment failures and ensure product quality control with the ability to foresee issues using big data analytics.

Nexplant SLM

Complete product design and validation faster with CAE auto-run and simulation analysis. Automate various requirements for increasingly complex products and refinement processes and accelerate product production speeds.

Nexplant PLM

Accelerate your product launch with tools that help project leaders collaborate more efficiently. Integrate product development projects throughout the supply chain, including involving OEMs.

Nexplant Mobile

Control and manage your operations securely even when off site. Take measures for sudden issues that occur at your facility in real time, and use the multi-user video conferencing for fast decision-making.

Nexplant Safety

Keep your workers and facilities safe with human-like cooperative analytics that detect and send alerts with real-time surveillance.

Nexplant EAM

Analyze the root causes of frequent facilities' failures on big data platform and resolve the issues. Predict the abnormaly and fix the potential issues in advance. You can gain a great competitiveness from your asset management.

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Minimize loss with a flexible automated MES
Manufacturers can react to sudden production changes faster and more efficiently, minimizing loss caused by downtime.
Check your facility and equipment status in real time
Production managers can ensure consistent yield and high quality products by easily keeping track of the facility and equipment in real time.
Enjoy seamless production with a strong control system
Enhance productivity and reduce down time. The smart control system can automatically maneuver so that the right products go to the proper manufacturing lines.