Samsung Nexoffice Messenger
enhances your team collaboration.

Nexoffice is a corporate messenger with real-time chat, video chat and easy screen sharing
for effective collaboration with your team at anywhere, anytime.

Worried that working from home and remote collaboration might affect the business?
Sign up before 30 April for free trial and enjoy free Nexoffice Messenger for 6 months.

Speed up collaboration with a messenger chosen by Samsung affiliates across the world.
Work with your team without worrying about security risks.


How can Nexoffice Messenger enhance your business?

  • Continuous updates for better service

    Harness the operational know-how and stability driving successful collaboration for global companies. New features, an including chatbot service and a chat based workspace, are scheduled to be released via continuous updates.

  • Easy and convenient start for everyone

    Provide an administrator site to easily register company colleagues and set service environment. Our solution is intuitive and easy-to-use, meaning you don't require any separate training.

  • Collaboration-driven features

    Share your voice, video, and screen with just one click to enjoy immersive collaboration anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of features designed to speed-up and fine-tune communication.

  • Protect data with powerful security

    Prevent data leaks with chat encryption and secure storage. Empower users to protect their data with powerful features including secret chat and recall. Allow admin to flexibly set security levels depending on your business needs.

Nexoffice Messenger

Nexoffice Messenger Plans(Basic, Premium)
  • Sign up for Nexoffice Messenger and
    register members who will work with you.
    You can sign up for free only at this time!
    Click here for more details.

    Sign up for Nexoffice Messenger and register the members who will work with you. You can sign up for free only at this time! Click here for more details.


Take a closer Look

  • Quick and easy user search

    Search users by name, department, telephone number, or job title. Allow your employees to switch their status from online to away, busy, on the mobile app and offline.

  • Collaboration accelerating features

    Collaborating is effortless with Nexoffice Messenger. Fully specialized work features are provided, such as view messages before joining the chat, reply to a specific message, save important messages and receive notifications of selected keywords.

  • Voice, video, and screen sharing

    Share your voice, video or screen with a single tap. No additional equipment or app installation is required, just use your PC or mobile device's microphone and camera. Our digital whiteboard can also be used to sketch out ideas during screen sharing.

  • Worry-free security

    Take advantage of enhanced security with AES 256-bit and SHA 256-bit data encryption. Manage confidential information using chat recall or secret chatrooms that don't save any data on the server. Allow administrators to disable copy & paste and screen capture.

  • Integration with a wide variety of services

    Seamlessly integrate with your existing collaboration solutions like Nexoffice Mail, Meeting, EFSS as well as existing enterprise and SaaS solutions. Rich message formats supporting two-way data communication and notifications enable users to perform tasks via Nexoffice Messenger.

  • Various OS support

    Drive unrestricted collaboration from both Windows PCs and Android or iOS mobile devices. Providing the same functionality and usability on PC and mobile, you can continue business conversation without restriction anytime and anywhere.


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    Nexoffice Mail

    Securely access key business features from email and approval to schedule and community. Increase productivity with a uniform UX across a wide range of devices and one-click access to key features. Innovate your collaboration culture by harnessing the technology and operational know-how of Samsung SDS that has been driving the growth of global companies with Nexoffice Mail.

    Nexoffice Meeting

    Call a web meeting from your nearest desktop PC or mobile device. Nexoffice Meeting is compatible with multiple networks, so you can virtually connect with colleagues from anywhere in the world.

    Nexoffice EFSS

    Upload, download, and share documents through a centralized storage space, keep track of different document versions, and take control of user access on Nexoffice EFSS. It also enables collaborations with external partners without risk of information leakage.

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    Quickly resolve issues by sharing your voice, video, and screen with colleagues wherever they are with a single click.
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    Leverage powerful security features including secret chat, screen capture prevention and recall when dealing with sensitive business information.
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    Quickly and securely receive notifications from enterprise systems using Nexoffice Messenger's open APIs.