Transform your financial services using the latest technologies and services

Nexfinance is an integrated platform that provides the latest technologies and services needed for you to realize the full benefits of digital finance. Gain a competitive edge over your competition with AI Virtual Assistant and Digital Identity that can be immediately leveraged on-premise. Take advantage of the latest technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution from AI (Brightics AI) and big data (Brightics IoT) to blockchain (Nexledger) for strengthened business competitiveness.


What can NexfinanceTM do for you and your business?

  • Verifies the applicability of new technologies

    Effectively verify new technologies needed for digital finance with ease using our digital platform.

  • Ensures quick application

    Quickly apply our proven services including Digital Identity, Digital Payment, Digital Finance Concierge and AI Virtual Assistant, to your business.

  • Create an open ecosystem

    Expand your business ecosystem by leveraging the new technologies and services continuously applied to our platform.
    Integrate with various institutions, services and solutions with our open-source and industry standard technology-based platform.


Enlarge the architecture of Nexfinance™


Take a closer Look

  • REST API-based service

    Utilize API to create new services. Nexfinance is provided in REST API form.

  • Cloud-based technology structure

    Implement Nexfinance on-premise or in a private or public cloud according to your needs.

  • Manage High Volume Transactions in Real Time

    Nexfinance comes standard with Samsung SDS solutions including Brightics AI (AI), Brightics IoT (big data) and Nexledger (blockchain).

  • Powerful integration

    Easily integrate with domestic and international organizations, services and solutions with our system.

Latest news and insights

What’s new and what’s next

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    Digital Finance Concierge Digital Finance Concierge provides customized product recommendations through a mobile app by integrating and analyzing customer asset and product information scattered across financial institutions.
    Digital Finance Concierge Digital Finance Concierge leverages digital technology and elemental technology centered around customer convenience to intuitively provide services including secure management of accumulated data and customized product recommendations.
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    AI Virtual Assistant Driven by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, AI Virtual Assistant enhances work efficiency through integration and automation of previously segmented processes.
    AI Virtual Assistant In addition to automatically answering customer questions, AI Virtual Assistant also performs menu search and integration, responds to product inquiries and is capable of processing simple scenario-based applications.
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    Authentication and information sharing between affiliates Authentication information can be managed using blockchain. Under the management of the lead organization, customer information can be delivered to affiliates with the customer’s consent.
    Information sharing between affiliates of a financial holding company Nexfinance enables master data management of personally identifiable information using blockchain. Customers can create a digital identity for financial synergy by sharing information across affiliates of a financial holding company.
    Full Digital Economy Blockchain can be leveraged for the encryption and management of sensitive personal information. In a digital economy consisting of numerous equal participants, customers need to be able to control their own information using privacy control. With Nexfinance, key information can be encrypted on the customer’s device and only be delivered when needed.
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    Nexfinance provides you with the opportunity to dominate a future cashless society. Our blockchain-driven digital payment platform can be used to recharge, convert and earn points as well as for transfers, payments and withdrawals.
    Blockchain can be leveraged to configure an efficient network that minimizes the role of payment intermediaries between affiliates and credit card companies/banks. Higher levels of transaction security can be introduced with immutable transactions.