Blockchain made fast and easy

Nexledger Universal provides standardized service API by integrating a wide variety of blockchain consensus algorithms. Our easy-to-use blockchain platform gives you the freedom to focus all your efforts on delivering business value without the need to pore over complex consensus algorithms.

Samsung SDS’s Nexledger Universal

Selectively deploy the blockchain technologies that fit your business and IT needs with speed and ease. Ensure secure blockchain system usage and control with Nexledger Universal’s powerful management monitoring.

  • Are all major blockchain technologies available?

    Are all major blockchain technologies available?

    In addition to our proprietary Nexledger Consensus Algorithm, our enterprise blockchain platform provides a wide variety of blockchain cores including Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. Moreover, you can selectively deploy the blockchain technologies you need and flexibly switch your blockchain core as needed.

  • Is quick service deployment guaranteed?

    Is quick service deployment guaranteed?

    Nexledger Universal provides all your most frequently used blockchain functions including user authentication management, point transactions and timestamp in standardized API format. This empowers your business to be more effective when developing target services.

  • Is enterprise-level management monitoring provided?

    Is enterprise-level management monitoring provided?

    Our platform provides powerful blockchain management monitoring to allow strict node access control. Admin can view blockchain and performance status at a glance and take immediate action via the dashboard.

Nexledger Universal Platform Architecture

Business Specialized Services User Portal Catalog Services (SEP) Development Platform (SEP) Brightness Ai Brightics IoT Nexledger Technology Platform (SEP) Common Services (SEP) SEP (SEP) PaaS Engine & Management (SEP) Cloud Infrastructure
    • Service API

      The most frequently used blockchain functions ready-for-use in standard API format.

      Allows quick and easy blockchain deployment via Nexledger service AP

      New API services are continuously being add

    • Blockchain Accelerator (Nexledger Accelerator)

      Samsung SDS’s proprietary technology that speeds up blockchain transaction throughput.

      Accelerates throughput by 8 to 10 times via batch processing & insertion between the blockchain platform and client (*compared to Hyperledger Fabric)

      Integrates with your blockchain to improve performance.

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    • Management Monitoring

      Powerful management monitoring of blockchain systems optimized for business environments.

      Displays node, system resources and transaction status at a glance.

      Queries detailed transaction histoy.

      Enables quick anomaly detection and remediation via chain & node management.

    • Blockchain Core

      Core blockchain technologies that you can selectively deploy based on your business needs.

      Nexledger N: Uses Samsung SDS’s proprietary Nexledger Consensus Algorithm (NCA)

      Nexledger H: Uses Crash Fault Tolerance (CFT) and powered by Hyperledger Fabric

      Nexledger E: Uses Proof of Authority (PoA) and powered by Ethereum

Nexledger Monitoring Dashboard

Nexledger Monitoring Dashboard

Nexledger Test-Net

Experience our standardized blockchain API and SDK in a cloud infrastructure similar to our actual blockchain system. Sign up for Nexledger Partner Alliance and try Nexledger Test-Net.

  • Blockchain application & service launch: SDS Cloud, Ms Azure Marketplace - Nexledger Test-Net - Development/Testing - Corporate Clients(PoC/Pilot), Startups(Development)
    • Provides Nexledger N/H/E
    • Provides 8 standard service APIs
    • Uses a permissioned Test-Net
    • Doesn’t require separate server or application installation
    • Can be converted to production after PoC or pilot
      (※ License purchase required)

A blockchain platform built for enterprises

Blockchain can be applied to a variety of fields, from logistics to manufacturing and finance. See what innovations blockchain can spark in your industry.

Experience the features and benefits of Nexledger Universal

Nexledger Universal is a highly compatible, fast and secure blockchain platform, optimal for business transformation at enterprises.

See how Nexledger works in the real world

Nexledger is a blockchain platform built for enterprise, empowering your organization to take control of distributed transactions securely and conveniently


Take a closer Look

  • Management Monitoring

    Check new block creation and blockchain network activity status in detail with the management monitoring system.

  • Smart Contract

    Go beyond simple sharing of transaction histories and automate your transactions with smart contracts.

  • Manage high volume transactions in real-time

    Verify and share transaction histories in real-time even for service sectors that process high volume transactions.


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    Samsung SDS Nexledger 2.0 (Single page view)



    Samsung SDS Nexledger 2.0 (Two page view)


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    Digital Identity Build your own authentication system that securely shares authentication information among permissioned participants. Deliver even greater benefits to your customers by connecting dispersed user information.
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    Digital Payment Reduce transaction costs and boost efficiency by leveraging blockchain’s ability to transfer value. Create a scalable payment ecosystem powered by digital points.
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    Digital Timestamp Authenticate documents without using an external authentication service via blockchain. Immutable electronic documents are time-stamped using blockchain technology to ensure the highest level of security.
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    E-Contract Promptly share and manage electronic contracts via blockchain. Enhance the stability and reliability of your contract system.
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    Logistics Tracking Drive efficiency across complex and repetitive trade processes by ensuring your contract and logistics data is shared transparently in real-time through blockchain.