So long, passwords

The next step in mobile security is Nexsign. Unlike a password, which can be easily forgotten or duplicated, Nexsign verifies your identity with biometric information using your fingerprint, face, and voice. The result? An authentication experience that’s simpler, faster, and even more secure.


What can Nexsign do for you and your business?

  • Strengthens security

    Nexsign stores biometric identifiers as separate keys in different locations, one on a server and another on your device to make it significantly more secure.

  • Reduces costs

    Managing and resetting passwords adds up. Biometric information reduces these costs, saving your organization time and money.

  • Simplifies authentication

    Employees and customers no longer have to remember long, complicated passwords. Accessing data is as simple as scanning a fingerprint, seeing your face or listening to your voice.

  • Streamlines setup

    Simple and minimal integration, and you’re ready to go.

Samsung SDS, a sample vendor in the Gartner's 'Hype Cycle for Identity & Access Management Technologies,2017.'

- Analyst: Greg Kreitzman, published July 5,2017, disclaimer

“Consumers want to choose how they interact online and Samsung SDS Nexsign is a platform that gives that choice.”

- Frances Zelazny, BioCatch

See how Nexsign works in the real world

Three people. Three mobile banking situations made more secure with Nexsign.

Nexsign Simplifies Mobile Phone Security

Need a biometric authentication solution for your mobile or web-based app? Look no further! In this episode, Debbie Kim and Reid Estreicher show how Samsung SDS Nexsign delivers easy-to-use biometric protections.

Discover how Nexsign makes authentication easy

Watch how simple and secure it is to use Nexsign.


Unleash the possibilities of Nexsign


Take a closer Look

  • Cross-platform

    Works with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

  • Client/server compatibility

    Enables communication between the two locations where biometric data is stored, keeping your information safer.

  • PKI compliant

    Adheres to Public Key Infrastructure policies, strengthening identity protection.

  • TEE access

    Stores data in the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), the most secure area of a device’s main processor.


  • Operating System
    Red HatTM Enterprise LinuxTM / AIXTM / HP-UXTM / Solaris / Windows®
  • Web Server
    Nginx® / Apache®
  • Java Application Server
    Apache Tomcat
  • Database
    Oracle / MySQL / RDS
  • FIDO Protocols
    FIDO UAF V1.0
  • Algorithms
    TLS 1.2 / SHA-256 / ECDSA-256 with P256 curve (SECP256R1) / RSA


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    Ovum report - Managing and Leveraging Digital Identity in Financial Services



    Nexsign Simplifies Mobile Phone Security



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Online shopping mall
Samsung SDS Nexsign provides online retailer and consumers with a variety of services including logging in, payment, account balance management and order management.
Banking Service
Samsung SDS Nexsign authentication provides security for bank users and retail banks across mobile banking services, including account management, queries, transfers, loans, new deposits, and member information management.
Securities service
Finance companies and their clients can Samsung SDS Nexsign authentication to buy and sell financial products such as funds and ELS, as well as make withholding inquiries, and transfers.
Company systems
Employees are able to access easily daily activities such as email, approval, finding employees, schedules and attendance management.
Smart Car
Car owners enjoy diverse services based on Samsung SDS Nexsign authentication, such as remote car locking/unlocking, theft prevention, car inspection, notification to insurance company in the case of car accidents.
Smart Home
Samsung SDS Nexsign authentication enables homeowners to enjoy real-time monitoring and remote control over home devices by granting them remote access to home appliances.
Hospital Service
Patients can pay hospital bills, print out the receipts, and enjoy other healthcare services using their wearable devices that use Samsung SDS Nexsign authentication.
Ticketing Service
Theatregoers can reserve and pay for tickets for plays, opera, and movies using Samsung SDS Nexsign authentication.
Government Offices
Government service users and providers can use Samsung SDS Nexsign authentication for online/offline civil petition issuance and bill payment.