Nexplant | Smartfactory | Samsung SDS

Choose next generation manufacturing

Samsung Electronics’ top-tier manufacturing capacity is powered by Samsung Nexplant. We can help you gain control of your ever more complex manufacturing environment. Optimize all your manufacturing processes and get the innovative and streamlined edge you need.

For foresight and decisiveness

Discover and prevent chronic failures

Gain a fuller understanding of what is causing quality control problems by categorizing failure patterns and using cross validation to filter the specific root cause. Use high performance parallel analytics for fast results so you can take preventative measures before failures occur.

For higher efficiency

Customize your manufacturing process

Tailor your entire process to maximize efficiency and productivity. Innovate flexibly with fully optimized automation that reduces downtime and costs.

For project management

Know every aspect of your project

Keep everyone on track and enable project leaders to collaborate more efficiently on managing project work, data, and scheduling. Get full data visualization of the project status for faster decisions and to cut failure costs, while managing and updating all documents automatically to accelerate product development.

For worker and facility safety

Ensure safety at all times

Protect workers and facilities with advanced video analytics that detect issues using human-like senses in real time. Prevent accidents by making sure your workers are following safety regulations, and receive notifications to respond immediately to any issues.

For stronger mobility

Stay connected and run operations anywhere

Control and respond to issues at your facility right away even when off site. Take operations into your own hands, and work more efficiently on site with an all-in-one scanner or securely off site with the mobility and connectivity you need.