Innovate customer experiences

Nexshop Omni-Channel provides differentiated customer experience based on integrated product information whether online or off. It also improves store operation efficiency through optimized promotion execution and analysis.


What can Nexshop Omni-Channel do for you and your business?

  • Meet the Omni-Channel shopping experience

    Provide customized customer consultation by checking product / promotion information on/offline and in real time on your mobile device.

  • Optimized promotion support

    Maximize the effectiveness of promotions by planning and executing promotions on a data basis and analyzing performance.

  • Efficient store operations based on data analysis

    Manage and analyze inventory / sales / customer data to provide information on store operations.

  • "Nexshop seeks to empower retailers to pursue a data-driven approach to optimize personalization and provide better shopping experiences."

    - Analyst Jaideep Thyagarajan, IDC Solution Highlight -

See how Nexshop Omni-Channel works in the real world

Follow along as we learn how Nexshop Omni-Channel can improve in-store customer experiences.


Take a closer Look

  • Clienteling

    Differentiated customer experience by checking on/offline product and promotion information in real time via mobile devices.

  • Improve sales process

    Leverage mobile-based sales support solutions to simplify in-store sales processes and increase store efficiency.

  • Promotion Management

    Provide information for efficient promotion through data-driven promotion design, execution and performance analysis.

  • Sales data analysis

    Analyze inventory, sales, customers, and promotional performance data to assess store performance and support optimal store operations.


  • Mobile Device
    OS : Android 4.4(kit kat) or higher
    Resolution : 2560*1600, 1280*800
    (Recommanded : Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Tab or higher)
  • Browser
  • On-Premises
    Server : CPU Intel® Xeon® Processor 12 core 2 EA
    Memory 32 GB, NIC 1G TX 4 port 2 EA, HBA 8Gbps dual-port 2 EA
    OS : Windows or Linux (Cent OS 6.6)


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    Offer customized products - With mobile devices, perform smart clienteling and offer customized products based on customers' purchasing history.
    Inventory, product, customer management - Manage stock, goods, and customer information in real time. Share this information between a headquarter and stores to help each store operate efficiently.
    Analysis-based sales strategy - Analyze inventory, customers, and sales pattern for efficient sales and promotion.
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    Promotion Optimization - Plan and execute promotions based on sales data via various channels such as digital signage and Email so that proper target marketing can be performed. Analyze sales data to measure performance and optimize execution. ※ Promotion Execution Channel version 3.5 is currentrly available for Large Format Displays (LFD).