Agile Approach

Begin your digital transformation success story with Samsung SDS

End-to-end agile services
from consulting to product development

Design Agile processes with Agile mindsets, with the help of systematic organization & technology consulting and learning. Build collaborative Agile teams. Being Agile is a solid foundation for successful digital transformation.

Why Agile Approach?

Agile approach underpins Digital Transformation.
Agile brings new experience to users and transforms organizations and processes into lean and agile. Agile helps you enhance the competitiveness of your existing business and drive further growth with new business.

Unique Points

Samsung SDS, an Agile evangelist with years of experience

  • VoC lead time
    45% reduced
  • Agile maturity by improving corporate culture 36% improved
  • Customer satisfaction with user-centric product development 23% improved




Major Services

  • Innovation Consulting

    Innovation Consulting
    Assess organizations systematically. Offer customized, workable solutions

    - Culture assessment: Organizational/development culture, work practices
    - Agile maturity assessment: Solution-based assessment
    - Workshop: Leadership, vision-building workshop
    - Technology consulting: Focus on adopting the latest technology
  • Training & Certification

    Training & Certification
    Step-by-step learning with expert Agile coaches

    - ICAgile-accredited Expert Certification courses:
    Fundamental, Coaching, Project Management, Testing
    - Learning programs: Role-based, competency-based
    - Agile practice: Learn to adopt Agile in the field
  • Experience Design

    Experience Design
    Combine Design Thinking and Agile. Create unparalleled solutions

    - Service Design: Design space and IT system
    - Workshop: Step-by-step Design Thinking workshop programs
  • Lean Product Development

    Lean Product Development
    Team up with Agile experts and build a whole team. Learn how to develop user-centric products. Gain practical knowledge from real-world Agile practice

    - User-centric product development process
    - Whole-team collaboration coaching
    - Iterative and incremental development
    - XP (TDD, pair programming and more)
  • Tooling, DevOps & Test Automation

    Tooling and DevOps
    Efficient product development environment and operational stability

    - Continuous Planning
    - Continuous Integration/Deployment
    - Continuous Monitoring
    - DevOps Dashboard


Our customers
  • Consulting

    Samsung Electronics as well as numerous Korean manufacturing, finance, service and leisure companies

  • Collaborative Product Development

    Samsung Electronics Gear Maze, Samsung Cello Square, Samsung Nexshop, LS Electric

  • Agile Training

    Samsung Electronics, Samsung Life Insurance, Hanwha Group and other local clients in manufacturing and financial industries

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