Nexledger Accelerator

Accelerate enterprise blockchain transactions

Improve your competitive positioning with our high-speed blockchain solution

Speed up transaction throughput by up to 15 times with Nexledger Accelerator. Adopt our globally proven solution for enterprise across a wide variety of platforms using our specialized management features.

Major Services

Are you worried about the slow processing speed of the blockchain?

  • Blockchain data process speed x15 Improved (Based on Hyperledger Fabric)





  • Real-time processing of vast amounts of data

    Quickly verify, store and share data among participants even in environments that handle more than 15,000 transactions per second.

  • Integration with existing blockchain platforms

    Easily integrate our solution with your existing enterprise blockchains using Nexledger Accelerator’s pluggable and modular design.

  • Adaptive algorithm

    Minimize administrative burden with our adaptive algorithm that optimizes performance according to your infrastructure and business environment.


Use Cases

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