CX Innovation

Experience a whole new level of innovation, even things you didn't notice

Change your future
through an innovative customer experience

Customers in the digital era expect a better experience every moment.
Businesses can only survive by offering non-stop innovations to the customer experience.
Striving for customer experience-based innovations rather than becoming complacent with existing solutions improves corporate competitiveness.
Prepare for a brighter future reshaped by CX innovation service.

Why CX Innovation?

Minimize errors by analyzing user environment and causes for mistakes.
Allows anyone to easily understand and operate complex work systems without the need for specialized training. Provides user-specific information to increase brand credibility and offer a differentiated customer experience.

Unique Points

Samsung SDS CX Innovation Service

  • Human error 96% reduced
  • Management cost 15-25% reduced
  • Earning rate 5-10% improved




Major Services

  • Service Design with a whole new experience

    Service Design with a whole new experience
    Utilize customer experience-based consulting to create new business models or incorporate digital spaces and IT systems that provide a whole new experience.
  • UI/UX Design to innovate current services & systems

    UI/UX Design to innovate current services & systems
    Generate a strategy to improve system and service usability based on understanding the customer’s context while adopting measures to set a direction for design.
  • Usability test for quick troubleshooting

    Usability test for quick troubleshooting
    A validated research method grasps CX levels and provides insight quickly and sets a direction for improvement, thus providing a better understanding of expected results.
  • Design platform for design asset system

    Design platform for design asset system
    Design platform supports archiving, sharing, improving, and communicating a system’s internal design assets and provides constant training and updates for simple operation and maintenance.


  • IT and design synergy

    Create a whole new customer experience
    based on in-depth understanding of IT
    as a design division within an IT company.

  • A systematic process and methodology

    Our experience in building enterprise systems across industries enables customers to respond to any business changes.

  • Won the world’s
    4 major design awards

    Recognized for our CX design and service excellence around the world as the recipient of the world’s 4 major design awards around 60 times, including Red Dot, iF, IDEA, and UX Design Award.

Design Thinking & Agile Landscape Map

CX Services build on Design Thinking and Agile to interact with stakeholders every moment based in customer-centered thinking, and revises and improves by validating each stage of Discover, Define, Create, Delivery. discover define create delivery : 4 step - desing thining worksohp : ice breaking, goal setting research setting field research, desk research, insight, theme, opportunity area, hmw, brainstorming, customer jorney map, value proposition -agile inception : elevator pitch, user map, role&goals, persona, scenarion, happy path, feature identification, feature pyramid, stakeholder map -lean architcture inception : nfr, analysis, role&goals, value, build, hl architecture -delivery : raid, feature list, release planning, design, product analysis, test automation, xp, end game test, functional test, packaging, deploy -scaling : design system lannguage, design guide, user journey, portfolio, project managing, scrum of scrums milestone, disciplines meeting, test strategy, contract test, architecture standard, evolutionary architecture

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