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Your database is always secure. Samsung SDS Database preemptively blocks any unauthorized external access with strong security provisions and ensures business continuity with database duplexing. With the support from Samsung SDS, customers may fully focus on their applications and business capabilities.


Products and Key Features

    • EPAS
    • Enterprise-class relational database based on open source PostgreSQL
    Expected benefits
    • Stable PostgreSQL-based RDBMS
    • Transition to open source-based RDBMS from existing Oracle DBMS
    • Reliable service with technical support from experts
    Key features
    • Services based on virtual servers, containers and bare metal servers
    • Compatibility function with Oracle
    • Automated migration tools
    • Technical support from experts (additional purchase)
    • Monitoring and health checkup services
    • Kinetica
    • Column-oriented, in-memory database with real-time location analytics and visualization
    Expected benefits
    • DBMS with parallel processing of data using GPU
    • Geospatial data processing, real-time geospatial visualization and geospatial graph analytics
    • Real-time visualization of data results using GPU rendering
    • TensorFlow and other AI Libraries linked on Kinetica to process data
    Key features
    • Virtual server-based service
    • Parallel data processing (using GPU)
    • Built-in tools for real-time geospatial data processing and real-time visualization
    • Support for libraries used for deep learning and machine learning
    • MariaDB
    • Free relational database highly compatible with MySQL
    Expected benefits
    • A secure open source RDBMS with similar performance and security as MySQL
    • A storage engine with various features
    Key features
    • RDBMS service with similar levels of performance and reliability as MySQL
    • Technical support based on community version MariaDB (additional purchase)
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Enterprise relational database made by Microsoft
    Expected benefits
    • Windows-based RDBMS for convenient use
    • In-Memory feature for high-performance data processing and analysis
    • Stable service enabled by vendor support
    Key features
    • Support for Windows and Linux platforms
    • High-performance analysis based on in-memory database
    • Stable support and security service
    • MongoDB
    • Enterprise-class NoSQL database with high scalability and high performance
    Expected benefits
    • NoSQL, most used open source and scalable database worldwide
    • Data management in document formats and viewing under various conditions
    Key features
    • Lightweight, fast speed and high scalability
    • Various condition search enabled by document processing in JSON format
    • MySQL
    • Small but strong open source relational database
    Expected benefits
    • Most used open source relational DBMS globally
    • Support for a variety of storage engines (InnoDB, Archive, Merge, Memory) to meet various business requirements
    Key features
    • Pluggable storage engine options such as InnoDB, Archive, Merge and Memory
    • Data replication
    • Low operation cost
    • PostgreSQL
    • Open source PostgreSQL-based relational database service
    Expected benefits
    • Stable PostgreSQL-based RDBMS
    • Reliable service with technical support from experts
    Key features
    • Services based on virtual servers, containers and bare metal servers
    • Automated migration tools
    • Technical support from experts (additional purchase)
    • Monitoring and health checkup services
    • Redis
    • Key-value in-memory data store with fast data processing
    Expected benefits
    • Highest cost efficiency enabled by expanding read/write processing through data caching
    • Existing database used as in-memory data stores to enhance performance
    • In-memory data stores for streaming solutions such as Kafka and Kinesis to easily collect, process and analyze data in real time
    • Improved application performance by quickly storing and updating web session data
    • A pub/sub messaging system development
    Key features
    • Light-weight, fast and high scalability
    • Key-Value NoSQL with real-time big data processing
    • Various data structures (e.g. strings, hashes, lists, sets, bitmaps, HyperLogLogs, etc.), unlike simple key value data stores
    • Enhanced reading and quick recovery enabled by master-slave/distributed architecture
    • Cluster configuration for high availability
    • Support for more than 100 open-source clients and multiple programming languages (Java, Python, PHP, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, R, Go, etc.) for quick connections between relevant systems
    • ScyllaDB
    • NoSQL database with high throughputs, low costs and compatibility with Cassandra
    Expected benefits
    • High-performance NoSQL for real-time processing of big data
    • NoSQL database with more reliable and faster performance
    Key features
    • NoSQL with real-time processing of big data
    • Cloud-based management environment
    • Fast and reliable service
    • Tibero
    • Tibero relational database
    Expected benefits
    • Disk-based RDBMS with high availability
    • Technologies with high capacity and high performance
    • Convenient migration through high compatibility and utility
    Key features
    • Guaranteed high-availability in active-standby configuration and disk synchronization
    • High performance parallel processing and compression as well as various indexing/partitioning techniques
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