DevOps Tools

Provide integrated development environments with improved convenience for software development, deployment and operation

Enhanced Software Development Environment Supporting Integration/Collaboration

We provide an array of effective development tools that help you develop better software more quickly. Samsung SDS DevOps Tools
increase development productivity by automating the repetitive build/test/deploy process, store source code history
and enhance source code quality with automated validations. Enjoy easier Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) with DevOps Tools.


Products and Key Features

    • DevOps Console
    • An orchestration tool to create a DevOps environment
    Expected benefits
    • To quickly set up a DevOps environment required for projects
    • A package of initial components necessary for container-based application development
    • Platforms optimized for viewing and managing data related to container deployment
    Key features
    • Easy configuration of CI/CD
    • Application templates
    • Deployment status checks and other functions (e.g. re-running/re-deployment)
    • GitLab
    • An open source code configuration management tool
    Expected benefits
    • Automated detection and fast deployment using various development tools in integrated environments
    • A private configuration management tool accessed only by designated users
    • Code security ensured
    Key features
    • Remote repository, issue-tracking and API functions
    • Various teaming & grouping features (authority control by granting access only to authorized users)
    • A remote repository for Git and share many similarities because of the initial concept of installable Github
    • Git projects created based on sample source code
    • Jenkins
    • An open source continuous development management tool
    Expected benefits
    • Minimized time required for open source-based development tool installation and operation
    • A development environment that allows developers to focus on developing software for critical workloads
    • A development tool that enables quick deployment of changes
    • Automated processes to minimize manual work and improve developers’ productivity
    Key features
    • Continuous integration of shared sources to prevent conflicts
    • CI development and service tools to detect errors in standard compilation environments
    • Integrated build-and-deploy features based on DevOps architecture, putting stability into development practices
    • Compliance with code style convention, test automation, automated deployment, etc.
    • Jennifer
    • Web application monitoring service (an optional WAS product)
    Expected benefits
    • Monitoring on web application (Java EE, .net, PHP) system environment
    • Monitoring with minimized impacts on WAS
    • Status checks on infrastructure and servers in real time
    • Real-time cause identification and responses in case of a load increase
    Key features
    • Real-time monitoring of web service and resource
    • Monitoring of each transaction (e.g. Smart Profiling, X-View)
    • Performance and failure analysis
    • Statistical data analysis and reports
    • Web application performance monitoring service(an optional product of WAS)
    Expected benefits
    • A quick fix and solutions for failure of open source software
    • Basic data needed for infrastructure expansion and tuning
    Key features
    • Real-time monitoring of web service
    • Various forms of statistical analysis materials
    • Automatic alarms for set values
    • Cloud resources and applications monitoring service
    Expected benefits
    • Monitoring on various components of cloud infrastructure
    • Monitoring on relations between and coverage of resources, such as virtual servers and containers, on a single platform
    • Automatic monitoring of resource increases/decreases without constant confirmation
    Key features
    • Integrated dashboard and real-time monitoring
    • Topology view
    • Automatic registration of components subject to monitoring
    • Nexus (Repository)
    • Repository service that stores and manages application build and other files
    Expected benefits
    • A central repository with faster uploads/downloads to increase collaboration efficiency
    • A proxy function to access external repositories
    • Overall consistency with less settings from exception files
    Key features
    • Library management separated from configuration management
    • Private repositories and library repositories needed for build
    • Services that separate, deploy and share library
    • Easier testing and code quality testing
    • SonarQube
    • Open source-based quality control tool
    Expected benefits
    • Pre-detection of security defects or bugs with high possibility of affecting the operation of the program
    • Easier and faster development tools for quality control
    • Management tools to define the source of responsibility for source code quality
    Key features
    • Analysis result available on the website using analysis tools
    • Function expansion using various plug-ins and code analysis on 20+ programming languages
    • Code quality requirements standardized by quality gates and code quality management in a single location
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