Digital Transformation Engine

Drivers for Digital Success

Explosion of data. Remote collaboration and productivity. Transactions and trust. Infrastructure efficiency and security.
These are some of the keywords that describe emerging customer concerns and needs in today’s digital world.
Response to these transitions is what will make or break the success of a business.

Since 2000, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have disappeared from the market,
while “digital disruptor” unicorns took only 4.4 years to hit $1 billion valuation.

Be the first mover to adopt digital technologies across all areas of business.
Transform. Innovate. Get ahead of competition.

Dt Engine
AI/Analytics & IoT
Automation & Collaboration
Cloud & Security

Introducing Samsung SDS Digital Transformation Engine

If you are looking for ways to accelerate innovation and boost productivity, find answers in Samsung SDS DT Engine. Seamlessly integrated with various legacy systems and industry-specific solutions, DT Engine helps you jumpstart your digital transformation journey. Start free trial now and connect with our experts. Explore the power of digital.

  • AI/Analytics & IoT

    Explosive amount of data is being generated every day, but no data is meaningless. Capture and aggregate data on Brightics IoT platform.
    Process, analyze and manage them with the help of artificial intelligence to get actionable insights.

  • Automation & Collaboration

    Businesses are faced with unprecedented productivity challenges in the context of remote collaboration. Brity Works offers robotic process automation, chatbot and messenger solutions that can streamline complexity and facilitate communication in workforce.
    Discover how you can get ready for the future of work with Brity Works.

  • Blockchain

    From financial services, logistics, manufacturing to retail, blockchain becomes valuable anywhere that requires trust. Find the real worth of trust in business with Nexledger.

  • Cloud & Security

    Traditionally, businesses had to increase infrastructure investment to ensure security. In the age of Digital Transformation, you don’t have to choose one or the other. Maximize both efficiency and security with Samsung SDS Cloud and Security solutions.

  • Explore success stories of Digital Transformation
  • Learn how Digital Transformation Engine (AI, big data Analytics, Blockchain and Cloud) has led revolutionary changes for our customers in diverse industries—from manufacturing, logistics to customer contact points, creating value and opening to the door to a new world.

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