Extended Service

Offer extended service for collection, analysis and utilization of various forms of data

Cloud Service with Faster and Better Usage of External Data

Data is soaring every second of the day. To maximize the benefits of this data for your business, Samsung SDS Cloud provides extended services by linking the extended service to cloud service. The services helps you better collect, analyze and use your data to increase the value of your data collected
through various channels. Extended Services are available along with Samsung SDS Cloud compute products equipped with excellent security system and professional operation service, so you can use applications without having to install hardware or manually configure your server


Products and Key Features

    • Brightics AI
    • Intelligence analysis platform
    Expected benefits
    • A tool to analyze small to large volumes of data stably and quickly
    • A system to support the company’s decision-making process
    • Increased productivity by integrating and standardizing analysis tools used by each individual group
    • Tools that support on-site professionals’ quick analysis
    Key features
    • User-friendly, visualized, integrated, cloud-based analytics environment
    • Modular architecture optimized for data volumes
    • Various automated analytics algorithms
    • Easy report editing and automated update/deployment through scheduler
    • Pre-built analytics models based on samples from various industries
    • Brightics IoT
    • Platform with efficient IoT-based collection/operation environments
    Expected benefits
    • Systemized collection, cleaning and conversion of large data
    • Efficient data operation and management for data engineers
    • Efficient management of various tasks based on multiple data sources
    • Access control and version management for data-based tasks
    Key features
    • Scalable data pipeline templates that support 48 collection source types
    • Simultaneous data validation and profiling upon collection based on user-oriented UX
    • Data flow management/monitoring, Pluggable Rest API, etc.
    • Brity Works
    • AI-driven Workplace Digitalization for workplace efficiency
    Expected benefits
    • Minimized inefficiency caused by simple repetitive work with low added value
    • Measures to handle customer complaints faster without face-to-face communication
    Key features
    • Repetitive tasks automated by using software robots that mimic user behavior
    • Bots that execute tasks and delivering the results by identifying the user intentions from a natural language
    • Cloud Hadoop
    • Open source based analysis to process big data easily and fast
    Expected benefits
    • Popular open source frameworks for data analysis, including Hadoop, Hbase, Spark, Hive and Presto
    • Flexible compute/storage resource expansion and services with high availability based on duplexing
    Key features
    • Optimized Hadoop clusters for Hadoop eco solutions
    • Validated versions of open source frameworks using Cloudera Hadoop
    • Management and monitoring of Cloud Hadoop with Web UI and REST API
    • Expansion and usage of necessary compute/storage resources in units of node
    • Guarantee of high availability services suitable for enterprise service by duplexing master nodes
    • Elasticsearch
    • Data search and analysis service with speed and scalability
    Expected benefits
    • Search and analysis on various types of source documents. such as HTML, Text, Server Log, and Metric, using various criteria
    • A structure that allows quasi-real-time searching for large data being generated in real time
    • A scalable structure, considering the constantly increasing source data
    Key features
    • Data filtering on various conditions and search result analysis
    • Full-text search (installation the text language is required)
    • Real-time data processing in connection with open source software such as Beats and Logstash
    • Distributed storage with horizontal scalability
    • Nexledger
    • Distributed ledger platform for enterprise
    Expected benefits
    • A platform applicable to various businesses and cases
    • A solution platform with global scalability and real-time processing
    • Measures for security vulnerabilities caused by single point of failure (SPOF)
    • Less cost burden associated with H/W, S/W and DR
    Key features
    • Use cases of services such as Digital Identity, Digital Payment, Digital Stamping, Supply Chain Finance, Global Warranty and Digital Provenance
    • Monitoring/management of nodes & transactions, applications of digital asset tokenization and Smart Contract
    • API and SDK for business application development
    • Text Analytics
    • Text analytics API service
    Expected benefits
    • Significant value extracted from large volumes of text data
    • Machines that understand the human language and have conversations in Q&A format
    Key features
    • NLP(Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding)
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