Brity RPA, our Reliable Employee to Handle Simple Repetitive Tasks!

Companies these days are seeking ways to improve work efficiency and maintain a healthy work-life balance. For those still struggling with overtime work, check out Brity RPA, our smart employee that handles endless tasks day and night without making mistakes to lessen work burden!

Brity RPA is a software that conducts simple repetitive tasks through automation. It is linked with a chatbot that enables interactive work orders, and anyone can easily learn how to use the software. In fact, Korea’s Shinhan Investment has saved over 70,000 working hours by automating 100 tasks such as sales confirmations, mail screening, employee stock trading restrictions with Brity RPA.

Let’s have a look at the second webcomics that illustrates how Brity RPA can help shorten our working hours.

Send me a list of all the orders won during the first half of the year. Oh, and make a schedule for this project and send it out to our partner. And shouldn’t you get started on that sales report before its too late? Don’t work yourself to death, make sure to take some breaks here and there. And don’t worry about overtime, you can leave right on time! Companies are seeking ways to maintain a healty work-life balance, but in reality...
How am I supposed to finish all of this work without doing overtime?!?! Aaaagggghhhh!!!!!!!!! …it is impossible to do all assigned work in a professional manner and leave on time.
Normally this kind of situation would make you livid… You heard me, right? Have that list ready for me by tomorrow. But thanks to the new employee ‘Brity,’ things are different now.
Wow… I spent my whole day processing these tax receipts. I will take care of that! Why are you doing that? You know Brity is here to take care of those repetitive tasks! Brity doesn’t know how to turn down any work requests.
Here is the monthly sales report that you requested. Wow, that’s perfect! Now you are better than me, Brity!!! Who ever said that you made good reports… Brity RPA can process multiple documents at once without making a mistake.
Hey Brity, are you taking care of that task I gave you? It is 80% complete. What email address should I send the results to? A steadfast employee who even works through the night!
Isn’t this going too far? No matter how good of a job someone does, you have to give them a break! Don’t you know anything about basic human rights?!?!?!?! Heeellllp!!! Relax, it’s alright…
TA-DA! I’m not actually human… I’m software! Wow! Thanks for tuning into Samsung SDS’s Brity RPA story.
Brity RPA is a piece of software that automates simple, repetitive tasks. Organize those orders and email them to the manager. Understood Brity RPA includes an integrated chatbot so that it can understand what you are typing in the text box. Thanks to its ease of use, many companies are implementing Brity RPA to reduce their working hours.
70,000 hours Example: Brity RPA has saved Shinhan Investment employees over 70,000 working hours by automating 100 tasks which include sales confirmations, mail screening, employee stock trading restrictions, etc. Brity… how about you make this webtoon for me? Tasks requiring creativity are best suited for you, human. Unless you are trying to get fired… Pretty amazing, right? It’s hard to believe how quickly the world is changing …

This webcomics are also posted on Samsung SDS website and SNS pages including facebook and linkedin. You can share it with your customers to help them better understand Brity RPA.

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