Don’t let simple repetitive tasks get in the way of your great ideas!

Are you spending too much time checking product orders?

At manufacturing companies, it is easy to become trapped in a never-ending cycle of repetitive tasks from checking the order status of a diverse range of products, gathering each factory’s production, etc.

Now, let Brity RPA take care of simple tasks such as identifying order and production status and gathering defect rates!

Brity RPA (Robot Process Automation) reduces work inefficiency and human errors in tasks such as downloading, manually organizing, and creating daily reports, allowing you to focus on developing product ideas.

Save me! Brity RPA - Manufacturing Sector Ms. Deer: Hello. I'm Ms. Deer working at an apparel company.
Narration: Welcome to the era of data-driven manufacturing and retail. Ms. Deer: It's a perfect fit! (Looking at the clothes she is wearing) Customized collar, customized sleeve length, handpicked materials and colors Narration: The trend is changing from mass production to quickly providing customized clothes that satisfy individual preferences.
Narration: This required the apparel product cycle to be reduced from monthly to weekly...which led to an enormous amount of REPETITIVE tasks! Product cycle) BRITY RPA: A month's production to a week's production Ms. Deer: AHH! There's too much to do!!
Narration: First, I must verify the product order status. A more diverse product line makes checking products even trickier. A Buyer: 100 Green Patterned Shorts B Buyer: 150 Cotton Long Tiered Skirts C Buyer: 200 Additional Over sized Puffer Jackets! Ms. Deer: I'm so busy, so busy!!
Narration: Then I have to check the production status of factories around the world every day. Without any standardized format, each factory's product data has to be reformatted one form at a time. Production status of factories: 100,000 in Vietnam, 220,000 in China, 160,000 in India, 120,000 in Myanmar Ms. Deer: AHHH! Why are there so many kinds of products!
Narration: There's more...product defect data must be organized separately! Message alarm: Ding! Ding! Vietnam factory message: 3 L Green Chino Shorts Defective, 24 S Nylon Shorts Defective Message alarm: Ding! Ding! Myanmar factory message: 3 XL Dry Polo Shirts Defective, 4 XS Cotton Graphic-T Defective Ms. Deer: Will this ever end?!?!
Ms. Deer: I can't spend this much time on repetitive tasks every day! There is only one way out of this...Help me! Brity RPA!!!! Aladdin lamp(Samsung SDS): Wriggle
Aladdin lamp(Samsung SDS): Wriggle Brity bot (TA-DA) Brity RPA is here to HELP! Brity RPA supports your repetitive tasks by automatically collecting and organizing data and even transfers the end results! Ms. Deer: Just as I expected, Brity RPA to the rescue!
Yearly Working Hours(Before VS After Brity RPA)
  • Drawing up the buyer product order status Before Brity RPA: 2,800 min After Brity RPA: 528 min
  • Gathering production status Before Brity RPA: 2,400 min After Brity RPA: 960 min
  • Gathering defect rates Before Brity RPA: 4,800 min After Brity RPA: 1,200 min
A staggering reduction effect! 73.3% Brity Bot: One apparel company applied Brity RPA to 12 jobs and saved 5,600 hours of work that year.
Brity Bot: Have a smarter day in the manufacturing industry together with Brity RPA! Ms. Deer: Now, I can just focus on making more good i-deer! (Organized work) TA-----DA

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