Samsung SDS America showcases Nexsign at Finovate Spring 2018

Finovate Spring 2018 is promoted as "the most effective way to stay ahead on Fintech innovation". Samsung SDS America (“SDSA”) participated in this event, held May 8-11th, to demo their FIDO certified Nexsign Biometric Authentication solution which is integrated into Fiserv’s commercial cash management platform.

Finovate is a popular industry conference for banking, financial, and payment technology experts. The primary audience is Fintech specialists (techies) who are interested in new and innovative technologies. There are a wide range of companies represented, from startups to Fintech companies to large enterprises. The spring event attracted more than 1,300 attendees, with 55 companies demoing, and 120 financial institutions represented.

SDSA was invited to co-present at Finovate Spring by Fiserv, a core/mobile banking platform provider that serves one-third of all U.S. banks and credit unions. Attendees gathered in the Santa Clara Convention Center to learn about the most innovative technologies available in the financial services market today. Over the four days, companies took the stage to present a 7-min demo of their innovations. Presenters who exceed the time allotment are gonged off the stage, so the team diligently practiced to avoid embarrassment!

SDSA’s Richard Lobovsky, VP of Enterprise Solutions, co-presented with Fiserv’s Scott Graf, VP of Technology, and Dennis Wang, Director of Product Management, to showcase Nexsign’s capabilities in Fiserv’s Commercial CenterSM, a suite of cash management products that combine ease of use with the sophisticated capabilities business customers need. A key element of Fiserv’s suite is a secure browser that acts as a safe and convenient gateway to the apps or web pages a financial institution provides to its commercial customers. By embedding Nexsign into the secure browser, commercial customers are able to authenticate their sessions using biometrics like fingerprint, face or voice identification with confidence, convenience and without the fear of fraud or intrusion.

Scott Graf (left), Richard Lobovsky (center), Dennis Wang (right) at the demo booth (Pic #1) and as they take the stage (Pic #2) to deliver their 7-min demo at Finovate Spring.

Today, banks of all shapes and sizes are taking a serious look at how they manage and access secure data to avoid a catastrophic breach. Protecting customers’ information has never been more important. Secure browsing using Commercial Center: Security with Samsung SDS Nexsign keeps data and information secure, and uses convenient biometric authentication to make sure the bank customer is right for today, and ready for tomorrow.

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Intrigued by Nexsign? Check out the introduction video below and click here for more info about the solution.

VP, Digital Innovation Solutions, Diane Carlson
VP, Digital Innovation Solutions, Diane Carlson
Samsung SDS America