Leave Simple Manual Tasks to the Task Fairy, Brity RPA!

Public institutions require many tasks related to data collection and categorizing such as civil complaints, office equipment maintenance, and personnel transfers.

Civil complaints, for example, require manually checking and reporting the status and number of complaints by different category on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This is not only inefficient but also prone to human error, resulting in having to do the same work multiple times.

Public institutions have implemented Brity RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to reduce human error and time spent on simple tasks. Even non-developers can use Brity RPA to quickly and easily automate tasks as it does not require any changes to the legacy system. Brity RPA has automated everything from checking civil complaint systems and processing Excel data to emailing regarding job reassignment. This improved efficiency by reducing employee work by 120 hours per year. Brity RPA has ultimately improved the credibility of public institutions by allowing them to respond to civil complaints in a more timely and accurate manner.

In KIMONG’s comic, let’s find out how Brity RPA reduced human error in public institutions filled with manual tasks.

Save me! Brity RPA -Public Sector- Narration: Mr. Croc works at a City Hall
Narration: He graduated from a top-tier university. (Memo on the wall) STUDY HARD Mr. 크로크: Excellent GPA, great extracurriculars...I'll serve for the greater public good! (Flag) flutter- Narration: So begins the career of a proud public official...
Narration: But these days, it's torturous (Monitor screen) Today's civil complaints Q: When's the road going to get fixed? Q: There's graffiti on my dog house! Q: The bus skipped my stop! Mr. Croc: 33 traffic complaints, 25 welfare and 22 city management issues... Narration: He has to manually categorize thousands of complaints every day
Narration: All complaints had to be formatted. Mr. Croc: I guess I am doing some good but... Mr. Croc's colleague: Mr. Croc, update the report with the complaints that just came in (Mr. Croc screaming) AHHH!!! Mr. Croc: I didn't study that HARD to do repetitive tasks all day!
Mr. Hippo: Task automation full power mode!! (Mr. Hippo getting work done in lightning speed) Bweee Bweee Mr. Croc: Oh my gosh!! What's that?!?! Mr. Hippo is completing work in lightning speed!
Mr. Hippo: I use the task automation solution Brity RPA! It automates repetitive tasks for more efficient work!
Mr. Croc: B...Brity RPA?!
Printer Maintenance: Need to detect which printers are out of service? Fully automate it! Originally: 300 min/day Mr. Hippo: Looks like this needs a toner refill Brity RPA: 50 min/day (total of 346 printers) (Brity RPA screen) Printer #1 - No problem, Printer #2 - Needs refill Mr. Hippo: Got it! So reliable!
Job Reassignment Progress Check: Need to check if the job handover is completed? Fully automate it! Originally: 240 min/day (Mr. Hippo's PC screen) Subj: Job transfer / You've been reassigned. Please handover your duties to... Mr. Hippo: There's not enough time to check every handover status and send out reminders Brity RPA: 0.6 min/day (based on 1 transfer target) (Brity RPA screen) Mr B! Your handover is behind schedule Mr B: A...Alright! I'll get it done today!!
Civil Complaint Management: Need to list up types of complaints and their status? Fully automate it! Originally: 300 min/day Brity RPA: 15 min/day (number of daily complaints) Mr Croc: Brity RPA, help me with these long lists of complaints! Brity RPA: Of course I can!
(Brity RPA appears) TA-DA! Mr. Hippo: Brity RPA, rescuing public institutions from endless manual work! Mr. Croc: You're a lifesaver! Brity RPA!

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