Kubernetes service

Offer deployment, scaling and management services for containerized applications

Platform Service for Reliable Operation and Fast Application Development

Developed with cloud native capabilities, the Kubernetes service presents optimized cloud platform service based on container platforms, cloud automation technology and technical expertise.
The cloud native process and architecture enables environments for application development and operation most optimized for the cloud.

Benefits of Kubernetes Service

  • Perfect compatibility with Kubernetes
    Samsung SDS technology, equipped with the latest Kubernetes system, takes security to the next level.
    While offering all plug-ins and tools from Kubernetes community, the existing Kubernetes-based applications are also available for deployment without any modifications using Samsung SDS Cloud container service.
  • Convenient usage
    The automated process of deployment and expansion of containerized applications on container clusters allows fast deployment and management of containerized applications without expertise on container orchestration.
  • All-in-one service
    The all-in-one container management and operation service, including container image storage and Kubernetes upgrades, helps users commit to application development.
    The entire process from application development to deployment and operation can be automated in combination with Dev. Tools service.


Products and Key Features

    • Automated DevOps service
    • Easy configuration of development environments and convenient building/deployment enabled by comprehensive provision of standard development tools
    Expected benefits
    • Development environments that support building/deployment in multiple development languages
    • Automated process to increase development productivity with minimized manual tasks
    • A dashboard of application building/testing/deployment status
    Key features
    • Continuous integration and deployment
    • Project configuration based on application templates
    • Support for major development languages and frameworks
    • Automated configuration of building/deployment pipelines
    • Support for various deployment methods and rollbacks
    • Customized release process
    • Edge service
    • Control over containerized applications of the edge hosts using Kubernetes service
    Expected benefits
    • Application management of edge computing using cloud computing components
    • Extension of containerized applications to hosts at edge
    • Edge applications able to run even when disconnected from the cloud
    Key features
    • Support for managing device metadata between edges on the cloud
    • Upgrades, monitoring and other management functions
    • Rolling updates and rollbacks on applications
    • Support for ARM, ARM64 and x86 architectures
    • Serverless service
    • Dynamic allocation of resources required for event-based application execution
    Expected benefits
    • Fees charged only for the number of executions of applications
    • Developers able to focus on service development without considering servers or runtime operation
    • Irregularly offered event-based services
    Key features
    • Function coding/building/deployment management
    • Reusable function templates
    • Language support: Python, Java, Shell, NodeJS, etc.
    • Trigger support: Http, RabbitMQ, MQTT, NATS, etc.
    • Call type: Sync, Async, MessageStream, Job, etc.
    • Auto-scaling and scale-to-zero service according to scale
    • Service mesh service
    • Secure, fast and reliable abstract networks for communication among dozens of applications
    Expected benefits
    • Reliable internal communication and management for microservice
    • Individual failures of microservice unable to spread to the entire operation of applications
    • Common logging/monitoring functions on inter-service communication
    Key features
    • Service discovery
    • Routing and traffic control functions
    • Traffic inquiry and logging for each section
    • TLS (SSL) encryption and authentication
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