[Press Release] Samsung SDS lamps up efforts to penetrate European mobile security market

Playing Nexsign demo using Samsung Phone.

- Collaborates with Samsung Electronics to support digital banking service development for Barclays, U.K. investment bank
- Joins forces with G&D, Europe’s largest banking and public security solution provider to penetrate the global banking market 
- Partners with U.K. cable and wireless operators to expand into European mobile security solution market

Samsung SDS (CEO Yoosung Chung) embarked on a move to expand its mobile security solution business to the European market following Korea, Asia, and the U.S. 

Samsung SDS’s mobile security solutions are utilized as a means of user authentication for Samsung Pay, which has millions of users. Those solutions have been internationally recognized for their first-class capabilities when they were supplied and deployed to U.S. government departments and the Defence Science and Technology Agency of Singapore.

Samsung SDS’s distribution of its mobile biometric solution to the banking industry, such as South Korean internet banking service provider and EdgeVerve, an Indian-based global banking systems provider, has contributed to the digital revolution in mobile-based banking.

Samsung SDS is looking to expand into the European mobile security market by bringing years of experience and accumulated technology to this task and by producing meaningful results from its collaborations with a U.K. investment bank, Germany’s G&D, Europe’s largest banking and public security solution provider, and U.K. cable and mobile operators.

For instance, Samsung SDS has decided to work with Samsung Electronics to assist the development of digital banking services for Barclays, 
the second largest investment bank in the U.K. 

Through this collaborative project, Samsung SDS and Electronics will provide KNOX, Electronics’ mobile security platform, and FIDO, SDS’s mobile authentication solution, to help Barclays develop and launch fast and safe digital services.

Furthermore, Samsung SDS signed a memorandum of understanding with G&D GmbH, Europe’s largest banking and public security solution provider that has operated for 160 years, and agreed to work together on a mobile authentication solution business.

Both companies are expecting to radically reform existing password-based security policies by providing SDS’s mobile biometric solution to the banking clients of G&D. 

Samsung SDS also signed a memorandum of understanding with U.K. cable and mobile operators to supply its mobile security solutions, such as 
the enterprise mobile management (EMM) and mobile biometric (FIDO) solutions. In return for the solutions, the U.K. operators will provide a cloud environment in which SDS’s mobile security solutions will be installed.

By deploying the solutions jointly developed by the companies, network operator customers will get all the best benefits, including the industry’s highest-level mobile security, convenient system connections, and cost reduction. 

The companies will first begin the project in the public sector including governments, and will continuously expand the areas of collaboration by extending services to banking customers.

Wonpyo Hong, head of Samsung SDS’s solution business (President), said, “Samsung SDS is able to collaborate with leading companies in European industries because SDS has been recognized for its mobile security solution technology,” adding, “Samsung SDS will extend its achievements in the solution business by taking advantage of our friendly partnerships with leaders in the European financial security and banking markets such as Barclays, G&D and other operators.”