Web-based DBMS creation and management for relational or unstructured data and data analysis

Easy, simple and secure database creation and management

Samsung SDS Database Service guarantees high availability and high reliability, based on high-performance infrastructure and sync replication architecture. Anyone can easily handle, or even automate complicated admin jobs such as database creation or management on Samsung Cloud Platform’s a web-based console.


  • Outstanding Reliability and Availability

    Designed with technical knowhow from decades of DBMS experience, Samsung SDS DB service provides an optimized and secure environment for management of mission critical customer data. High availability and high reliability are guaranteed with sync replication architecture, uniquely developed by Samsung SDS.

  • High Performance Service

    Samsung SDS provides top-class DB services backed by reliable Tier 3 data centers and high performance infrastructure. The know-how accumulated from decades of experiences operating Samsung affiliate systems and efficient virtualized management help guarantee stable resource usage. High-performance SSD storage ensures a powerful computing power.

  • Convenient DB Management

    Anyone can handle complicated admin jobs such as database creation and management easily on Samsung Cloud Platform. With simplified and convenient DB management jobs, you can now focus more on application development and operations.


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