Nexprime SCM Response

High-performance solver that creates optimal supply plan to meet the market demands

Provide advanced planning based on extensive SCM experiences across diverse industries, and support high-performance/high-quality planning through proprietary technologies.

Based on our extensive SCM experiences in Material/Asset-Intensive industries, provide a wide range of functionalities including advanced production planning,
detailed plan analysis, and incremental planning to meet the business needs.
Enable high-performance/high-quality planning by leveraging smart resource search algorithms and data parallel processing.


  • Optimized for Material/Asset Intensive Industry

    Provide WIP Control, Advanced Resource features specific for Material/Asset-intensive industries, and enables in-depth analysis by providing detailed reports such as Advanced Pegging Report and Short Reason Report.

  • High-Performance Solver

    Dramatically increase agility by leveraging smart resource search algorithm and parallel data processing.

  • Powerful Customization

    Facilitate the implementation of specialized logic for each customer through customized planning workflow using multiple APIs and user-defined functions.

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