Digital SCM

AI Technology and Cloud-based Next-generation Supply Chain Optimization Service

Realize smarter, faster, and suppler next-generation SCM

SCM needs to change according to the supply chain interruption due to unexpected global issues, such as the pandemic and natural disasters, diversified customer needs, and changing digital environment.
Samsung SDS Digital SCM uses the next-generation technology, including native in-memory-based platform and ultra-high-speed planning engine, thoroughly prepares for uncertainty through scenario plan, and quickly reacts to the variability through the incremental plan.
Also, enhance the efficiency of decision-making by providing customized UI and differentiated mobile environment.


  • Based on a flexible structure that can easily adopt new technology, you can immediately cope with the fast-changing environment.



Why SDS?

  • The Biggest SCM Specialists in Korea with Rich Experience
    Samsung SDS has Digital SCM team which is the largest in Korea, which includes around 80 people.
    They finished 40 cases annually, 200 cases in total, and this is the largest number in Korea.
    The Digital SCM team has worked with 50 different clients, including Samsung Electronics, Hankook Tire, and pharmaceuticals/shoe-making/food companies, and has been pleased to join their journey to success.
  • A Total Care from Strategy to Operation
    Through SCM innovation journey working over 20 years with Samsung affiliates, Samsung SDS provides a total service that enables SCM strategy, process innovation, system building, and system operation. They suggest a realistic innovation plan which reflects up-to-date technology and trend, apply to the real business, and enable sustainable operation. Only Samsung SDS can provide the service organically links the design, implementation, and operation.
  • Customized Service For various Customer Industry
    It is important to provide the best of breed solution, which matches the customer’s industry and business.
    Samsung SDS Digital SCM provides the customized SCM that matches the customer’s needs and relies on the innovation know-how of Samsung group in different industries, including electronics, manufacturing, and service.

Case Studies

Service Offering

Provide a total service from SCM Strategy to Assessment, PI(Process Innovation), Implementation, and Operation.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Demand Management

    Support the system that manages the qualitative and quantitative data regarding the market, including sales information, customer trend, and competitors trends.

  • AI-Powered Forecasting

    Based on AI, including machine learning and artificial intelligence model, consider the various factors affecting sales and support the Sell-Out and Sell-In demand forecast automation.

  • Most Advanced Planning Engine

    Based on the experience of various industries, including high-tech, manufacturing, and food, use the API method for planning features and support so it can adapt flexibly.

  • Incremental Planning

    Support to accurately analyze demand, supply, and raw material changes that directly affect the supply chain and immediately change the plan.

  • Scenario Based Planning

    Able to establish a scenario plan for various policies and strategies by in-memory based plan and parallel plan, and support the comparative analysis between scenarios.

  • Planning Data Management

    Analyze the performance data based on business automation and AI, draw the ideal standard value, and suggest the proper value.

  • Interactive Reporting

    Provide real-time, NLP-based, ad-hoc report regarding the information the management wants to know, including sales.

  • Mobile SCM

    Able to check and analyze the SCM-based management data, including sales/demand status, supply status, and profit and loss in a mobile environment.

  • Hyper Personalization

    Provide KPI and business information that each role needs and increase the business efficiency by Context-based Guided Drilldown.

Nexprime SCM Architecture

Samsung SDS SCM Best Practice Model
Flexibility (Self Service BI, Model Expansion, and Embedded Analysis) : AI/ML Forecast Model, Nexprime SCM Response, Nexprime SCM Sequencer Engine, Local FP Solutions → Open Architecture (Plug in, Open Library)
High-performance Native In-Memory DB : Security Service, Knowledge Graph, Smart Collaboration, UI Service, Unstructured Data, NLP Search, Rule Engine, Graph/OLAP Computation
Global Cloud Platform





SCM: A Necessary Competitiveness for the Future of Global Enterprise

  • "By using ultra-high-speed performance and function of Samsung Nexprime SCM Response, the MP engine performance time in Electronics Device Solution division has decreased by 45 times and reduced the running time from once a week to once a day. "

    Samsung Electronics Device Solution division SCM office

  • "To precisely forecast the market demand, we changed the traditional market data classification/analysis method from Excel to Brightics AI-based system. And we significantly reduced the work hours and increased the analysis accuracy."

    Samsung SDI SCM Innovation Office

  • "We've improved major management fields by improving the process for building the system. Thanks to building plan system, we made improvements on production shortage, assembly match volume/rate, start process plan compliance rate, materials delivery compliance rate. Also, connecting the workflow between the branch factory and main factory by movement directive has been a great help compared to applying the system."

    Taekwang Ind Co., Ltd. SCM System office

  • "Considering the LED product, the future growth business, we optimized the applicable resource utilization according to the specialized SCM building project. We can now maximize the RTF (Return To Forecast) and minimize manual jobs."

    Samsung Electronics VD Division, LED SCM T/F




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