Data Encryption Solution

Keep your cloud resources secure at all times

With a growing number of organizations adopting cloud,
securing customer and business data from data breaches or hacks is becoming mission-critical.
Samsung SDS Database Encryption (SDBE) ensures your data is secure
against diverse security threats, whether in cloud or on-premise.

Major Services

  • Data can be safely protected from security threats arisen from various IT environment




  • Ease-of-use policy management

    - Web-based GUI for encryption policy management
    - Software-based encryption policy and key management

  • Proven and certified encryption solution

    - Strong, trusted security that achieved international level of Common Criteria (CC) certification
    - Robust data security based on industry-standard encryption technologies and Samsung SDS’s advanced security technologies

  • Application-centric security

    - Data encryption with API to minimize dependency on database environment
    - Easier transition and scaling between cloud and on-premise


  • Proven security algorithms

    - A wide variety of industry standard encryption algorithms (AES, LEA, ARIA)
    - Validated cryptographic modules (KCMVP)
    - Identity-based cryptography (IBC) authentication and key consensus protocol

  • Encryption key & policy management

    - Centralized encryption key management
    - Admin-defined encryption policy configuration and management
    - Strings/binary data encryption and string hash

  • Access rights management

    - Encryption/decryption permission management by client
    - Admin features for diverse roles (system, policy, audit)

  • Cloud-specialized security

    - Integrated with public cloud security features
    - Scalability in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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