SOC Implementation Consulting

Optimal SOC design and process improvement for preemptive response to security threats

Respond quickly to security threats with global SOC design and operation know-how of Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS can help establish a SOC system that can detect and analyze cyber security threats in real time, manage security systems reliably, and systematically respond to various security threats through integrated security management process consulting. Based on the experience and know-how in operating global SOC, Samsung SDS can suggest various ways to protect business security intelligence from potential security threats.

Major Services

  • Support integrated security management and professional security threat response by designing customized SOC and establishing a professional response team to focus on attack detection/analysis/response




  • Customized SOC Design for specific Business Environments and Purposes

    Provide customized SOC design through business environment analysis by business security threat experts organization.

  • Samsung SDS Proprietary Security Analysis Methodology Application

    Apply accurate security analysis policy using correlation between permanent policy life cycle and each solution analysis.

  • Automated SOC Design

    Provide accuracy and efficiency of attack detection/analysis/response processes by applying automation mechanism based on Samsung SDS SOC operation know how

Use Cases

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