Security Vulnerability Assessment Consulting

Create Security Vulnerability Remediation Roadmap

Assess security maturity level and secure the business environment

Samsung SDS security specialists will identify vulnerabilities using SDS' certified security assessment framework and suggest short and mid/long-term master plan to achieve high-level security.
Ensure operational stability, preemptive response to threats to IT Infrastructure, cloud and application systems.

Major Services

  • Identify cybersecurity maturity for each sector, assess security level based on threat scenarios, and protect corporate and personal assets to remediate the findings




  • Cloud Security Assessment and Security Management Plan Establishment

    Using the Samsung SDS proprietary diagnosis tool for cloud environment and security checklist, diagnose vulnerable security settings and configuration to provide optimal settings recommendations

  • Security Architecture Level Assessment and Security Remediation Consulting

    Provide level assessment and improvement support service to existing or newly implemented security architecture using certified security assessment framework

  • IT Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Consulting through Penetration Testing

    Perform penetration testing on IT infrastructure and application systems to understand the response level to the latest hacking techniques and provide preemptive responses to security threats through cause-analysis

Use Cases

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