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Experience security solutions and services validated for responding to ever-growing security threats

Single case of security incident causes enterprises damage more than $3.9M in direct costs for system recovery as well as in indirect costs such as tarnished corporate image, lowering stock prices, etc. At a time when insiders cause a growing number of hacking attacks and information leaks, it is all the more important to strengthen the protection of enterprise information assets. Samsung SDS’s 『Consulting – Solution – Service』 is rooted under the principle and experience of security management over the 20 years and helps customers secure their corporate information assets and keep a strong and sound management of their security level.

Major Services

Provide the highest level of security with the know-how that has been responsible for the security of Samsung Group

  • Abundant experience in
    security consulting
    20 years or more For all industries including electronics/manufacturing and finance
  • Global security control 100 countries+ Item 24/7 'follow the sun' system
  • Retaining the world's best
    encryption technology
    20 times+ Speed White-box Cryptography





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