Samsung SDS Expands Free-Trial Services of Digital Transformation Solutions

+ Expansion of cloud-based free trial services, including security management and collaboration solution for 3D model data

+ Approximately 730 companies are experiencing platforms and solutions for AI, IoT, Blockchain, process automation, and collaboration disclosed for free trials in July

+ Trial services for core AI technologies and DT assessment will be launched sequentially

Samsung SDS is proactively supporting its customers’ digital transformation by expanding free trial options for cloud-based IT solutions.

Samsung SDS launched free trial services for its platforms for AI, IoT, and Blockchain and solutions for process automation and collaboration in July this year. Around 730 companies are currently experiencing the services and many are considering the deployment of the solutions and platforms.

This time, the company has expanded free trial options by adding its security management solution, Equipment Account/Access Management System (EAMS), and collaboration solution for 3D model data, Nexplant 3D eXcellence.

< Equipment Account/Access Management System (EAMS) >

The EAMS automatically manages system accounts and access in various cloud environments. The solution supports safer and more efficient system operations by automatically managing more than several thousands of accounts as well as password and user permission changes that were manually done by security officers.

< Nexplant 3D eXcellence >

Nexplant 3D eXcellence enables easy sharing of 3D model data at the production and construction sites, and supports contactless collaborations. The solution supports over 30 different 3D model data formats, visualizes data on web and mobile devices by transforming big data to lightweight data, and strengthens security with cloud-based streaming.

Samsung SDS plans to open AI Cognitive whereby users can experience core AI technologies, including natural language processing, image retrieval & analysis, and video analysis in December.

Visit Samsung SDS website’s My Trial ( to apply for trial services and for more information.

Jeanie Hong, Senior Vice President and leader of Business Innovation Team of Samsung SDS said, “We will continue disclosing digital technologies and solutions that were proven by various industries while introducing services for customers to get hands-on experience with assessments for their digital maturity level as well as implementation methodologies needed for their digital transformation.”