Smart Lock

Add a stronger level of security and flexibility to your home with our IoT-powered doorlock

Your door deserves smarter

Enjoy smart access to your home with our IoT-serviced doorlock based on smartphone apps and cloud servers.

Major Services

Door lock made by Samsung with differentiated design and quality

  • Design awards 86 times
  • Open/close test to enhance quality standards 120,000 times





  • Your child’s return, informed to your smartphone in real-time

    A push message is sent to your smartphone in real-time whenever your family opens the door using a smartphone.

  • Check your family access history

    You can check the time when your family went out and returned home.

  • No stolen passwords thanks to Bluetooth

    Access via Bluetooth removes any possibility of your password being exposed to hidden cameras or strangers.

  • Bluetooth service with encryption technology

    Data encryption enables the safe use of Bluetooth service.

Use Cases

    Design Awards

    Winner of the world’s three most prestigious design awards

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