Frictionless digital experience

Stop using lengthy, paper-based processes, complicated account logins, and outdated digital defenses. Our solutions align a frictionless digital experience with enhanced security solutions that minimize fraud, protect customers, and bring speed and efficiency to your business.

For Management

Improve the customer experience and the bottom line.

Looking to improve the customer experience while reducing fraud and risk? Our solutions give you the tools to create a frictionless digital experience to drive more business, eliminate paper-based processes, and improve customer engagement and onboarding. Biometric technology safeguards customers’ identities and information and protects them (and you) from fraud.

For I.T.

Data security without the hassle.

With identity theft, data breaches, and financial fraud on the rise, safeguarding data and systems has never been more challenging. Our solution is your next level of defense. Biometric authentication technology reduces the need for passwords, while behavioral biometrics helps you recognize trusted customers and spot cybercriminals more easily.

For Users

A digital experience you won’t fear.

Engaging with businesses online should be safe and uncomplicated. With biometric authentication and behavioral science, you can access your accounts with just your fingerprint, face, or voice, and feel confident your personal information is protected from malicious account takeovers or identity thieves.


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    Transform the customer experience and accelerate transactions with omni-channel collaboration


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    Manage security and customer experience with biometric authentication


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    Replace unreliable one-time passwords with biometric data


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