Deliver data-driven experiences in your pop-up

Realize the full potential of your space by gathering actionable data on who is visiting your space. Understand behaviors, preferences, demographics and sentiment to engage like never before.

For the business

Turnkey rental program

Our turnkey "as-a-service" model enables custom deployments and scalability at a low monthly cost. Offering includes furniture, integrated displays and technology, shipping, logistics, installation and tear down.

For the business

Faster time to market

Pre-configured, modular components enable you to go from ideation to implementation in 90 days or less.

For the business

Big data and modern technology helps you optimize the brand experience

IoT sensors and behavior-sensing technology capture real-time customer behavior to help understand visitor behaviors and preferences. Using a user-friendly dashboard, easily track foot traffic, dwell times, and demographics. With demographic data, deliver targeted promotions to your audience based on age and gender.

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