A secure management client

Secure Settings enables simple and secure device management for offline deployed mobile devices. Security Administrators have the ability to enforce security and device management policies locally on the device, while also granting operators permissions to configure mission-critical settings in the field. Give deployed operators and their supporting resources the ability to securely manage a device with the agility to meet mission objectives.


What can Secure Settings do for you and your business?

  • For tactical users

    Support S9 tactical edition features such as Stealth Mode, Touch Screen Sensitivity, and Bixby Button Remapping with the Secure Settings client. With secure management, be prepared in disconnected environments and remain flexible.

  • Multi-user support

    Allow administrators to create multiple user profiles with granular permissions and roles.


Take a closer look

  • Frictionless set-up

    “One-click STIG” to quickly set the devices to a compliant state

  • Device policy customization

    Create custom policy groups and enable users to easily toggle between different policies for different scenarios

  • Fast policy file creation and import

    Simplifies provisioning with policy configuration file PC creation tool and policy import feature in the Secure Settings application

  • Flexible deployment models

    Supports standalone or complementary device management system architectures


  • System requirements
    Samsung Android Device with OS 6.0+ (Marshmallow) equipped with Knox
  • Compatibility
    Can be used as a standalone or as a complement to Samsung SDS EMM

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