Gain a financial edge over the competition

Transform your financial services using the latest technologies and services

Nexfinance is an integrated platform that provides the latest technologies and services needed for you to realize the full benefits of digital finance. Gain a competitive edge over your competition with AI Virtual Assistant and Digital Identity that can be immediately leveraged on-premise. Take advantage of the latest technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution from AI (Brightics AI) and big data (Brightics IoT) to blockchain (Nexledger) for strengthened business competitiveness.

Major Services

  • Unfold financial services based on disruptive technologies with Nexfinance, the digital financial platform




Platform Architecture

  • Digital Identity
  • Digital Payment
  • Digital Finance Concierge
  • AI virtual Assistant
  • Auto Insurance Claim
  • ...
Cloud-based common platforms
  • Brightics AI - Analytics / AI
  • Brightics IoT - IoT for Big Data
  • Nexledger - Enterprise Blockchain


  • REST API-based service

    Utilize API to create new services. Nexfinance is provided in REST API form.

  • Cloud-based technology structure

    Implement Nexfinance on-premise or in a private or public cloud according to your needs.

  • Manage High Volume Transactions in Real Time

    Nexfinance comes standard with Samsung SDS solutions including Brightics AI (AI), Brightics IoT (big data) and Nexledger (blockchain).

  • Powerful integration

    Easily integrate with domestic and international organizations, services and solutions with our system.

Use Cases

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    • Whether you’re looking for a specific business solution or just need some questions answered, we’re here to help