Samsung SDS Announced as Official AOTMP® 2020 Telecom Expense Management and Mobile Managed Services Presenting Sponsor

Samsung SDS joins the event as the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Mobile Managed Services (MMS) Presenting Sponsor to help attendees drive innovation and elevate business results through technology. AOTMP® recognizes Samsung SDS as an emerging global leader in the TEM/MMS space.

Indianapolis (January 31, 2020) - AOTMP®, a leading information, services, and advisory firm that helps enterprises and vendors digitally transform and optimize, today announces Samsung SDS, an emerging global leader in the TEM/MMS space, as the TEM/MMS Presenting Sponsor of the upcoming AOTMP® 2020 Conference. The event takes place Apirl 19-23, 2020 at the Airport Marriott Lakeside in Orlando, Fla.

As a leading global systems integrator and software/hardware/services solution provider with over 30 years of IT experience and knowledge, Samsung SDS delivers an innovative, passionate, and determined technology management approach that has established it as a globally recognizable brand. As AOTMP® 2020's TEM Presenting Sponsor, Samsung SDS will offer attendees unprecedented insight, best practices, and actionable strategies to drive business value and growth through mobile technology and communications with its "The Global Convergence to Mobile First" session.

"Samsung SDS has a long history of providing complete solutions to customers around the world," said Dr. Mingu Lee, Chief Business Officer and Senior Vice President of Samsung SDS. "We have been delivering TEM/MMS services for over 12 year, and have taken the step of expanding our offerings in anticipation of the global shift to Mobile First. We believe that the only way for enterprises to truly adopt a Mobile First strategy is to have access to complete, holistic, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)/carrier-agnostic mobile management offering that includes TEM/MMS, global hardware sourcing, and robust custom software/hardware development services. We are very excited to be a sponsor at AOTMP® 2020."

AOTMP® 2020 is the first time Samsung SDS has sponsored the world's premier telecom, mobility, and IT management event experience. In its 14th consecutive year, AOTMP®'s annual conferences give attendees an industry insider look at the technologies, trends, and management solutions organizations are using to accelerate digital transformation.

Along with their 45-minute "The Global Convergence to Mobile First" speaker session, Samsung SDS will also be displaying a wide range of solutions including Samsung's desktop replacement solution built into flagship mobile devices for both office and in-vehicle environments, enterprise wearable applications, vertical applications for Supply Chain and Healthcare, and the latest display technology.

"We're proud to announce Samsung SDS' s participation as the TEM/MMS Presenting Sponsor at AOTMP® 2020," said Tim Lybrook, CEO of AOTMP®. "Samsung SDS has long been considered a telecommunications technology leader by industry experts all over the world. our conference attendees are excited to learn from Samsung SDS's extensive global experience, strategies, and proven solutions the organization uses to elevate business results across the industry. They're an amazing addition and partner for our event."

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About Samsung SDS America

Samsung SDS America (SDSA) is the U.S. subsidiary of Samsung SDS, a $9 billion global leader in digital transformation and innovation solutions. SDSA helps organizations optimize their productivity, make smarter business decisions, and improve their competitive positions in a hyper-connected economy using our enterprise software solutions for secure mobility, retail, DOOH, blockchain, IoT, advanced analytics, and contextual marketing.