Secure Settings

Ensure that deployed mobile devices are always secure.

A secure management client for offline devices

Ensure simple, elegant and secure management for offline mobile devices. Give administrators the power to enforce device management and security policies while granting in-the-field workers the ability to access mission-critical settings operating in the field. Secure Settings gives operators the tools they need to accomplish their mission, while maintaining top security and management protocols.

Major Services

  • How Secure Settings helps you keep end user devices (EUDs) protected.




  • Deploy flexibly

    Secure Settings supports both standalone and complementary device management system architectures.

  • Fast policy file creation and import

    Simplify provisioning with the policy configuration file tool PC creation tool. Import policies directly from within the Secure Settings application.

  • Customize device policy

    Create custom policy groups, enabling users to toggle quickly between different policies for different scenarios.

  • Frictionless set-up

    Quickly set devices to meet compliance with “One-click STIG.”


  • System requirements

    Samsung Android Device with OS 6.0+ (Marshmallow) equipped with Knox

  • Compatibility

    Can be used as a standalone or as a complement to Samsung SDS EMM

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