Zero Touch Mobility

Make mobility management effortless. Enjoy fully automated and touch-free EMM/UEM enrollment/unenrollment, forward/reverse logistics, and lifecycle management for mobile devices natively within ServiceNow.

The future of Mobility Management is here

Portals are a thing of the past. Unlike anything else on the market, Samsung SDS Zero Touch Mobility provides automation for the entire lifecycle of corporate mobile devices. Remove silos and fully manage your mobile fleet utilizing your ServiceNow instance as the central control tower. Automate your deployment and support workflows to create a touch-free experience for your administrators without impacting your end user experience. Simplify your forward and reverse logistics processes, remove wasteful inefficiencies, and eliminate swivel chairing. Provision both COBO/COPE and BYOD mobile devices from anywhere in minutes. Make mobility management effortless.

Major Services





  • Workflows

    Automated workflows that fit seamlessly with ServiceNow for quick task completion. Enroll and unenroll, wipe lost devices and service broken devices without the need to swivel chair tasks with the power of ServiceNow’s End-User Self-Service.

  • Inventory management

    Synchronize with Knox Manage or all major 3rd party UEM/EMM platforms. Automatically and constantly manage your device's lifecycle state and details and catalog population from your available inventory.

  • Easy EMM

    Set enrollment rules, lock, unenroll, and wipe devices through your existing ServiceNow interfaces or as part of a completely automated workflow. Synchronize user IDs and assign them to devices along with associated accessories. Drastically reduce calls to help desks through hyper automation.

  • Advanced analytics and reporting

    Track end user device inventory and requests through a single dashboard. Monitor individual devices to ensure proper usage and health. Utilize included reports and dashboards or create and build customized reports. Natively resident data in your ServiceNow instance brings unlimited possibilities for customization and integration.

  • Smooth integration and flexibility

    Download Zero Touch Mobility from ServiceNow’s app store and directly integrate it into your own instance and CMBD. Samsung supports all major OEM’s and OS’s, allowing flexibility no matter your preference.

Use Cases

    Key Use Cases

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