Manage energy and comfort smarter (Facility Management System)

Maximize building comfort and manage costs

Power buildings with the technology you need to conveniently manage facilities for greater comfort and smarter energy use. Samsung SDS FMS integrates and remotely monitors electricity, lighting, HVAC, and elevator systems, optimizing settings and reducing maintenance and operational costs.

Major Services

  • Maximize efficiency in building management and control,maintain convenience and reduce the cost for energy and maintenance




  • Smarter management

    Detect, diagnose, and resolve errors to keep buildings running on optimal energy and comfort settings, with real-time monitoring and data analysis.

  • Reduced deployment costs

    Save time and money with a virtual test run, including automated templates and mapping tools to quickly verify data.

  • Enhanced security

    Restrict access with multi-level security modes, mobile device registration, and HTTPS/SSL encryption.

  • Reliable backup system

    Easily restore and recover from emergency situations with a standby server that takes over when an error is detected in the active server or database.


  • FMS Base

    Program and control HVAC and electricity with energy saving features, real-time monitoring and event notifications.

  • FMS Energy

    Conserve energy with real-time usage and equipment performance data collected from sensors and meters, all analyzed conveniently on a single dashboard.

  • FMS Facility

    Optimize equipment and facility maintenance with standardized work processes and resource management.

  • FMS Integration

    Manage multiple buildings with a single point-of-access control. Integrate multiple systems to optimize operations for building parking, access, and fire alarm.

Use Cases


    • Good Software

    • BACnet Testing Laboratories

    • Communaute Europeenne Marking

    • Korea Certification

    • Federal Communications Commission

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