Brightics Visual Search Algorithm Claims 5th Place in NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test

The face recognition algorithm of Samsung SDS’s Brightics Visual Search claimed fifth place in “NIST FRVT* 1:1 Verification,” an evaluation of face recognition algorithms conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the United States Department of Commerce.
* FRVT: Face Recognition Vendor Test

NIST FRVT is a renowned evaluation with a history of over 20 years. NIST FRVT measures the face recognition algorithms submitted by the participants in various performance aspects including accuracy, speed and memory size, and discloses an extensive report on the test results. Almost all mainstream face recognition vendors around the world participate in NIST FRVT.

In May, NIST FRVT unveiled test results of 416 algorithms submitted by 266 companies. The latest report also included the test results of Samsung SDS’s algorithm submitted in April. It was Samsung SDS’s second participation in NIST FRVT, following its first attempt in October last year. Samsung SDS’s algorithm ranked the fifth in VISABORDER (A category where a visa photo and a photo taken at immigration or emigration are compared. NIST lists the participants in its official website in order of the accuracy of this category).

Samsung SDS’s algorithm showed an accuracy of FRR*=0.0024@FAR=0.000001, which means that in the case when the algorithm wrongfully matches other person’s face images in the rate of 1 in a million, the number of cases in which the algorithm does not match the face images of a same person will be 24 out of 10,000. This is the highest level of accuracy achieved by a Korean company so far. Moreover, the algorithm even reduced the FRR error to 1/4 when compared to its predecessor which was submitted to NIST FRVT in October last year.
* FRR: False Rejection Rate and is also called as False Non-Match Rate, FAR: False Acceptance Rate and is also called as False Match Rate

In addition to VISABORDER, Samsung SDS’s face recognition algorithm also received excellent marks in a number of other categories.

Category Accuracy Rank Category Description 1 VISABORDER @FAR= 0.000001 0.0024 5 Comparison between visa photo and photo taken during immigration process 2 MUGSHOT @FAR=0.00001 0.0023 6 Comparison between mugshots taken from the front and side 3 MUGSHOT(ΔT≥12YRS) @FAR= 0.00001 0.0023 6 Comparison between mugshots taken 12 years ago and currently 4 FACE MASK @FAR= 0.00001 0.0176 12 Comparison between visa photo and photo of face wearing a mask

Brightics Visual Search of AI Service Development Group (One Platform Development Team) provides visual analytics services such as searching of a specific person, action, object, background, sound, scene change and same section, as well as recommendation of relevant contents, automatic editing and AI human assistant in media, entertainment, sports, retail and transportation sector. Last year, the solution was introduced in global market research reports, i.e. “Forrester Computer Vision Platforms, Q3 2021” and “IDC MarketScape APEJ Vision AI Software Service Vendor 2021”.

[from left] Daehyok Song, Jungho Choi, Jinsoo Lee, JinHyuk Dave Kim, Myunghoon Kim, Kyungho Park, Sungwook Yeom, KwangHyun Daniel Lee, and JinAh Kim from AI Service Development Group

AI Service Development Group is providing advanced visual analytics service to media and entertainment market leaders such as CJ ENM and SBS under the brand name of Brightics Visual Search. They are continuously working to improve the performance of algorithms and overall technological competence of Brightics Visual Search solution, which is evolving into a Key Means of Communication of the Future.

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