Samsung SDS Cloud Security Services Acknowledged as a Major Player in the IDC Report

+ Listed as a major player in the IDC MarketScape Asia/Pacific Cloud Security Services report as the only Korean vendor
+ To further expand into the cloud security services market based on the recognition

Samsung SDS has been acknowledged as a major player in the ‘IDC MarketScape*: Asia/Pacific Cloud Security Services 2021 Vendor Assessment’ report, thereby becoming the one and only company in Korea to receive such recognition alongside major cloud security service providers of the global market. This is attributable to the outstanding hacking analysis and detection capabilities of our company’s Security Business Division accumulated through over 20 years of experience in providing security monitoring services for Samsung affiliates worldwide as well as its competence in AI-powered security services and its cloud native security capabilities optimized for various CSPs.

IDC MarketScape
one of the key analysis reports published by global market research company IDC. The report categorizes vendors of respective fields into Leaders, Major Players, Contenders and Participants after comprehensively evaluating each company’s current products and services, business strategies for the next 3-5 years and customer segments.

Starting with Amazon AWS, our company has formed a vast network of cooperative partnerships with global cloud companies including Microsoft, Google and Oracle, and has secured highly proficient professional workforce and experience in cloud security. Based on our extensive experience in security business, we have gained technological competence and solid foothold in diverse areas including AI-based operations automation, container security, serverless security, DevSecOps, authentication management and cloud native security. Thanks to such progress, we were able to secure a number of global and domestic large enterprise customers while receiving a higher level of attention from mid-sized companies with the increasing demand for DT.

Following its recognition in the IDC report, Security Business Division plans to strengthen its business offered to companies that are transitioning to the cloud. Moreover, it will further accelerate its business in the global market by additionally attaining global IAM* and next-generation endpoint security solutions.
* IAM: Identity and Access Management

Introducing Samsung SDS Cloud Security Services

Samsung SDS Cloud Security Services Providing cloud security services that take into account the characteristics and security threats of cloud environment to ensure safe use of the cloud Rapid Elasticity : Ensuring elasticity in security services Broad network access : Protecting from data leakage in various forms Resource pooling : Enabling accountability in security configuration

Samsung SDS Cloud Security services can be largely categorized into the areas of consulting, cloud security monitoring, solution and technological support.

Consulting includes services on security assessment customized for cloud transitions, cloud security architecture and response to relevant laws and regulations for each industry type offered to businesses in financial/medical/public sectors.

Cloud Security Monitoring provides DDoS/WAF/IDS services elastically using SECaaS and HIDS for IaaS and PaaS, and malware/APT cloud security monitoring service using cloud-type virtual security proxy offered to small and medium-sized corporate clients.
* SECaaS: Security as a Service, HIDS: Host-based Intrusion Detection System, WAF: Web Application Firewall,
IDS: Intrusion Detection System, APT: Advanced Persistent Threats

Solution and Technological Support includes CSPM which diagnoses configuration errors in security settings that serve as the main cause of cloud security incidents; CWPP which protects the container environment and data within the cloud; and CASB specialized for SaaS which manages employee access control and prevents data leakage.
* CSPM: Cloud Security Posture Management, CWPP: Cloud Workload Protection Platform, CASB: Cloud Access Security Broker

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