AICC Virtual Agent

Human-like AI customer service solutions such as Chat Bot and Voice Bot

Advanced AI handles various and complex customer service tasks.

It is a human-like bot service that can respond to various and complex questions and intentions with natural conversations. The virtual agent service provides customers with satisfaction 24/7 through various channels.

Major Services

  • AI based automated routing
    By understanding the intention through conversation with the customer, you can minimize the time to connect with the best agent in charge and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Voice Bot
    Voice Bot replaces customer inquiries performed by Agents, expanding simultaneous consultation targets and enabling customer self-service.
  • Chat/E-mail Bot
    Through TA (Text Analytics) with a high recognition rate, the customer’s chat and e-mail inquiries or requests are classified and understood with the correct intention, and the optimal answer or request is automatically processed to reduce the customer’s waiting time and reduces agent processing time and improves efficiency.


  • Performing high comprehension

    Through machine learning, we continuously learn various expressions and improve our ability to recognize proper nouns to answer customer questions.

  • Human-like conversation engine

    Conversation continues naturally even with complex intentions, and returns to the original question after responding to sudden questions or topic changes.

  • Handling various issues

    Bots can respond appropriately to issues such as unexpected questions during conversations with customers and accidental hanging up of calls.

  • Easy and intuitive conversation design

    With the GUI-based drag & drop dialog design, anyone can draw a conversation quickly and easily, and the designed scenario can be tested and modified right away.

Use Cases

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