DevOps Tools

Experience integrated configuration of application and system development environments with Samsung Cloud Platform.

Provision of Integrated Software Development/Deployment/Operation Environments

Samsung Cloud Platform securely provides integrated DevOps tools needed for application design, development, test, and operations. Development environments can be implemented rapidly and securely. DevOps Console also promotes convenient management of assigned Kubernetes clusters and DevOps Tools.


  • Reliable Development Environment

    DevOps Tools for all sizes of development environments are offered as per customer requirements. The service supports reliable and rapid development environments and efficient integrated management.

  • Automation Tools for Development Process

    Convenient application development is ensured using automation tools for repetitive process. Automation of build, test, and deployment stages of the entire development process also helps increase efficiency.

  • Convenient Development Collaboration

    The repository safely stores and shares templates and source codes. By hosting highly scalable private-type repository in a secure environment, collaboration for development becomes much more efficient.


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